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1 31st October 15:51
timothy d. birthisel
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Default Eastern US/ I-95 I-26, I-40, I-75: Ocean aquaculured LR-TerraSubAqua

TSA's Next live rock harvesting trip from the Florida Keys to Ohio and
Michigan begins on Aug 30! This is the only live rock you can get that's
never been out of the water until you receive it.
TerraSubAqua, Florida Keys-Atlantic Ocean aquaculture specializes in LIVE
rock. We have some nice coquina substrate with coralline algae, coral,
bryozoans, sponge, tunicates, oyster and other inverts. Rock has been down
for over 3 years, with some flat pieces good for wall building, also nooks
and crannies for hideouts. This east coast Coquina is the light-density clam
shrimp shell sedimentary rock, a form of Aragonite that's quite porous.
Since we live in Ohio, we do drop-offs anywhere along I-75, also along I-95
in GA and SC, I-26 in SC and NC, and I-40 in NC and TN. We deliver FREE.
We are the first to operate under new gov't aquaculture permitting rules for
the Atlantic side. Look for our article in your old Jan. 2000 ed. of FAMA
(Freshwater and Marine Aquarium) magazine.
Our 'secret'; ground delivery is best, keep cool, well aerated and submerged
at all times including at harvest. This is very difficult, no one else does
it, but it maximizes survival of the biodiversity, so NO CURING is needed.
50 lbs. minimum order, $4.25 per lb. retail, $3.75 wholesale, COD.
Also have arrow crabs, banded coral shrimp, coral snails, flame scallops,
brittle stars, cleaner shrimp, decorator crabs, hermits, and urchins, etc.,
that hitch a FREE ride and survive with our TLC handling. The product is
really beautiful, ooh/ahs assured. Let us know if you are interested!

Tim Birthisel ~ TerraSubAqua
~~~ Coral and Live Rock Aquaculture ~~~
~~~ Day 419 891 2967 ~~~
~~~ Eve 419 874 0828 ~~~
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