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1 5th February 00:53
External User
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Default How Does Chlorine Kill Fish? (fish)

Just curious...

How does chlorine affect fish? If you forgot to add your water
conditioner would your fish suc***b to the toxins in minutes, hours,
days or just leave them susceptible to infection?

I know someone is going to say it depends on how much chlorine, but for
the sake of argument, let's just say "average" tap water treated with
chlorine. (Whatever that means)

Then, same question again but with chloramines.
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2 5th February 00:53
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Default How Does Chlorine Kill Fish? (species)

... and the effect varies according to the species exposed
... so many variables, though you question is a good one.

Our municipality specifies monochloramine concentrations will typically not
exceed 5ppm, and my measurements had it between 2 and 3ppm (just to help
cover that 'depends on the concentration' variable, by calling 2.5ppm
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3 5th February 13:07
External User
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Default How Does Chlorine Kill Fish? (fish small pacu)

*I'm not saying you should*
But until getting small fish, i never used the stuff, i would let it sit for
the day but for ten years i did not use it and never had a problem, but i am
guessing some fish it would effect more then others.
I had pacu's and oscars, but when i started getting smaller fish i noticed i
had much better luck with it, this did not answer your question but just my
thought on it.
PS: might have something to do with my water also
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4 5th February 13:07
tedd jacobs
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Default How Does Chlorine Kill Fish? (fish)

damages gills, inhibits respritory functions, and affects kidneys, thereby
reducing their ability to filter toxins from the blood. basically they die
by blood poisoning/kidney failure or suffocation. i've read here a few
times about people who forgot to add water treatment and later found their
fish gasping for air at the surface. based on this information my guess
would be short term immediate dangers are to gill function. longer termed
exposure (at lower levels) would affect kidneys.

i would infer they are about the same, but i cant answer that one for sure.
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5 5th February 13:08
External User
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Default How Does Chlorine Kill Fish? (back)

I have one of those python gravel cleaners which syphons out the water
and then you just change the tap bit and put your water back in. I
would have bought this sooner but was worried about adding the water
conditioner. I checked on the web site for Python and they said that
the water splashing in the tank would get rid of any chlorine so it was
a personal choice to use a conditioner. I can't answer about
chloramines as I didn't look into that. I have added water conditioner
directly into the tank when I'm adding the water back in. Have had no
problems. I suppose it is the risk you take. I've had sooo many
teething problems that I didn't want something else going wrong.

Hope this helps. You could try on the Python website and see what
their reasoning to all this is.

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6 5th February 13:08
mr. gardener
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Default How Does Chlorine Kill Fish?

On 27 Mar 2006 16:45:46 -0800, "Mellie101" <>

I've been using a home made Python clone for ump**** years - Sometimes
I forget, but I usually add the prescribed amount of dechlor water
conditioner directly to the tank water, usually the filter spillway,
somehow that makes me feel better, at the same time I am filling the
tank from the tap with the P*th*n. Tap water conditioners not only
take care of chlorine and chloramines, they also claim to neutralize
heavy metals, among other things. And it still happens, albeit less
often that it once did, that some jerk at the water plant dumps in a
couple of extra barrels of chlorine for good measure and you can smell
the chlorine coming from your tap all the way out in the front yard.

-- Mister Gardener
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