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1 26th April 03:54
victor martinez
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Default Score: bumblebee shrimp (cherry great blue live species)

I went to my LFS to get some frozen food and some live brine shrimp for
a Sunday treat. Browsing the tanks I noticed one looked empty, save for
a few tiny rasboras but the label said "Bumblebee srhimp, 2.99". I
looked closely and I saw one shrimp standing on the filter. When one of
the guys asked me if I needed help, I asked him if he had any more of
those guys. He looked under the filter and there were about 6 of them
total. I said, great, bag 'em all! They are now in my shrimp tank (20g
long, heavily planted) and they are doing ok. Now I have 5 species of
shrimp in that tank, 2 of which reproduce quite a bit. I wonder if these
guys reproduce well? Anybody has experience with this?
The ones I have that reproduce well are red cherry and taiwan blue
shrimps. The amanos carry eggs all the time, but since I don't remove
the larvae to a salted tank, they don't make it...
The ghost shrimp are new, but I'm sure those will start reproducing soon

Victor M. Martinez
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2 26th April 12:48
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Default Score: bumblebee shrimp (black)

Yeah they're cute little guys, I've had them a couple of times, once
in 97 and more now. The black turns red if they're unhappy and it
seems to be irreversible - they just die.

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