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1 29th March 02:20
peter bogiatzidis
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Default Source for 1990 4Runner Dimmer Switch


I posted a while back about a problem that I've been having with my
headlights that I still haven't been able to resolve. My low-beam lights no
longer come on. After searching the web and reading numerous forums for
troubleshooting tips, I'm about ready to conclude that I need to replace the
"dimmer switch". This is the set of contacts that are located underneath the
turn signal assembly and held in place by 4 screws. Apparently, they control
the vehicle's high & low beam headlights.

To add a little bit of confusion to the mix the vehicle is also equipped
with a set of TruckLite plow lights. I've been in touch with their tech
support people and in the process have replaced the toggle switch that
switches between the vehicle and plow lights. I've also replaced all of the
connectors that go to it.

I have even tried "cleaning" the contacts, as was indicated in one of the
forums, to no avail. The bottom line is that I no longer have any plow
lights and it now appears that when I turn on my headlights, I only get the
high-beams instead of the low-beams, regardless of the lever's position.
When I move the lever, I can see the lights flicker, but I'm pretty certain
that only the high-beam lights are working. One other point to note is that
the blue high-beam indicator doesn't come on, except for on a few occasions
after I've worked on it, only to fool me into thinking that what I've done
has indeed fixed the trouble.

What I am looking for is a source, other than a Toyota dealer, where I may
be able to purchase a new dimmer switch. I've tried a couple of salvage
yards without any success. Then again, there's always the possibility that
anything that I might get from one of those may be as bad as the one I
currently have, if not worse.

Thanks in advance to those who post a reply.

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