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1 5th April 02:17
charlie 3
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Default 96 Maxima will not start.

I have a 96 Max GLE with over 277K miles. I have had exactly 3 starters
since I got the car in 98. The one that came with it and the two that I
have put in it. The last one was put in this past July but the problem
I had didn't go away.

For some reason it has always had a starting problem that has
continously degraded over the years. At first, I was the only one that
could crank it. My ex could when we were together but no one else. If I
put it in the shop for tires or something, the techs would have to get
me to crank it. I just turned the key and that was that.

It was brought to my attention that I did turn it quite hard and fast.
Apparently I had learned to do this and the car learned to respond.
Over the last year, it has gotten much worse. It is at the point where
I have to repeatedly crank it until it "catches." Then I have to hold
it there while it cranks.

The new starter did crank it faster than the old one but the problem
with how it cranks was not fixed. I just recently had to tow it home
cause it died on me over a friend's house. I went to do the usual but
missed its attempt to crank. It usually just starts after a couple of
more turns but it never cranked again.

I was told it was the new starter. The towtruck driver touched my
starter with a long flat-head and you could hear it spinning but not
catching the engine. He said that meant the starter was bad. I just
want to know what it is.

Has the ignition switch gone bad and if it has how can you tell? Should
I find a way to put a switch in it to get it to crank? What and how can
I tell what is the problem? I do most of the repair work on my car but
I have not been able to fix this one.
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2 5th April 07:26
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Default 96 Maxima will not start.

Most likely, it is a worn ignition switch. Turn the key back hard to the
Off position and then continue to try to turn it back further. Then
sneak up on the Start position with the key and see if it works easier.

in Hamptonburgh, NY
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3 5th April 07:27
e meyer
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Default 96 Maxima will not start.

Sounds like two problems. If it doesn't do anything unless you abuse the
key, you probably need a new ignition switch (and have needed one all

If the starter spins but does not engage the flywheel, then the towtruck
driver is also right - you need another starter. Get a real Nissan one and
you shouldn't have to replace it so often.

On 10/9/06 12:53 AM, in article
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4 5th April 11:46
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Default 96 Maxima will not start.

It's your ignition switch for the initial problem and then probably your
starter is horsed too, probably caused by the ignition switch been dodgy.
(Greater spike voltages as the voltage is applied over a shorter period.)

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