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1 21st April 10:15
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Default cv shaft falling out on 94 camry

has anyone ever had a problem with a cv shaft slippin out of the
trans. on their camry? a few months ago, i had both of my cv shafts
replaced on my 94 toyota camry w/ 2.2 L 4-cylinder and auto
transmission, startin with the passanger side, then a few weeks later,
the drivers side. the passanger side one has not had any problems,
however, when i had the drivers side one replaced, i was bringing it
home and the cv shaft fell out a few blocks from my mechanics house. he
put it back in and apologized, sayin he must've just not put it in all
the way.

after that it was fine until about 3 weeks ago, i went to pull out
of a driveway from an upward incline, as i went to take off, the same
thing happened. he fixed it for free again and it was fine until a few
days ago, it fell out as i was driving through the parkin lot of my
work. so after gettin it to my mechanics house, he put it back
in......again.......but it fell out while i was in his

i have talked to him and few other mechanics that have told me that
there is really not many ways the cv joint installation can go wrong,
the shaft is either in or it isnt. and a few have told me different
theories as to what is could be, several of them havin the same
theories. the first one is that the shaft is defective, and bein that
it was purchased at autozone, i dont doubt it one bit. another theory
is that bein my car was manufactured after the middle of the year(mine
was man. in 08/94) the transmission may be a 95 transmission.

those theories all make sense. the theory that was given to me that
i am hopin against is that the gear/gears that hold the cv joint in and
turn it in the transmission may be worn out, that would be why it keeps
fallin out. but i do not beleive this is the problem, simply because
the old cv joint that was worn out never fell out, it only started
happening as soon as the new one was put in. this leads me to beleive
the problem is a defective/incompatable part, and not my car. any input
on this is greatly appreciated.
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2 21st April 10:15
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Default cv shaft falling out on 94 camry

Yeah, I've removed and installed hundreds of axles, and I can't think of
how one can "fall out" unless there is some major problem with the diff.
suspension, or an axle that is the wrong size.
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3 21st April 16:55
jason james
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Default cv shaft falling out on 94 camry

That situation is truly bizzare. There are axial forces on the drive-shaft
(pulling forces) as the suspension moves verticaly while the car traverses
bumps,..but the trunnion on each axle(or driveshaft) is supposed to
"trombone" allowing for this axial movement. Now the trunnions should be
very free,..if it was not, the axle could withdraw from the
transmission,...but it usually is firmly held in the trans by an expanding
snap-ring which clicks into place once the axle is all the way into the
transmission. These rings may not have been replaced or have been damaged
during any work on the axles.

This mechanic sounds like he is not the best by any ****ysis. Talk to a
different mechanic.

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4 21st April 16:55 (m
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Default cv shaft falling out on 94 camry

You need a mechanic not a hack that works on cars at home
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5 22nd April 14:02
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Default cv shaft falling out on 94 camry

cool, thanks you guys for all input, the problem has been resolved,
auto zone sold me a defective cv shaft. it ll be fixed tommorrow. thank
you all again.
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6 23rd April 06:17
robert gerrodette
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Default cv shaft falling out on 94 camry

There is a spring-clip on the end of the shaft that goes into the trans.
This may be missing or weak allowing the shaft to slip out.
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