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1 13th April 01:52
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

I noticed in the manual for my '06 Sonata that the transmission is only
supposed to be fed some sort of proprietary SP III fluid. I was at the
dealer today for a headlight issue. While wandering around, I noticed that
they had boxes - kind of like those wine boxes - of transmission fluid. The
box said "BG Universal Synthetic ATF" part number 3123. I asked, and was
told that that fluid is what is used by them in the new Hyundai
transmissions. That said, I guess the requirement for the $8.00 a quart
specially blessed fluid is non-existent. After all, what would be so
different about one brand of synthetic fluid, and another?
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2 13th April 01:52
victor a. garcia
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

Look at your local AutoParts store for: ATF-3, or ATF-3plus, it's available
at normal prices.
It's also used in Misutbishi and Crysler trams.

DO NOT use Mercrom-III or Dextron-III, not compatible at all.
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3 13th April 16:11
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

so are you saying the in hyundia's you can use chrysler fluid atf+3 which is
the same as the older chryslers fluid 7136 and the atf+4 which is used in
2000+ chryslers In hyundia's products which call for sp111 fluid
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4 13th April 21:13
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

DO NOT use anything but SP ! You can void your warranty. Hyundai
transmissions are very sensitive to the wrong fluid. Check out It should
help with understanding why you need to use SP3. Also, ATF+3 is not the
same thing.

Cheese Toast
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5 14th April 01:53
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

New car, why take a chance on the warranty? Also from experience,
there is a difference between tranny fluids.

Stick with OEM stuff to keep the warranty good. It's like oil and
filters. There IS a difference.

Good luck.
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6 14th April 01:53
matt whiting
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

You don't have to use OEM fluids or parts to maintain your warranty.
That is the law (I can't remember off-hand the name of the act that made
this law). However, you do have to use fluids and parts that meet the
specifications of the car maker. As long as you use oils, antifreeze,
etc., that meets the specs, then they can't deny you warranty coverage.

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7 14th April 01:53
External User
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

Mine doesn't need any yet. I'm just looking forward to the point where I
will be changing it - part of it anyway. The point to me bringing this up is
the fact that the dealer - a Hyundai dealer - I bought the car from DOES NOT
use the SP III fluid when they do a transmission service. They use BG
universal synthetic fluid. I suppose if the tranny burns up under warranty,
they'll just point to the records saying that they did a fluid change at X
miles. No accountability as to what they changed it with.

As to the fluid turning brown quickly, I suspect it's partly due to the lack
of a filter, and the normal wear particles having nowhere to go except to
get suspended in the fluid. Actually, the transmission has a "filter", but
it's really just a very fine mesh screen. I do plan on adding an external
filter It can't hurt. Here's one that someone cut
open after 28,000 miles

It also is not a requirement to flush the transmission.... From the manual:
If you have a fluid changer, use this changer to replace the fluid. If you
do not, replace it using the following procedure.
1.. Disconnect the hose which connects the transmission and the oil cooler
which is within the radiator only in 2.4L engine(3.3L-the oil cooler is
2.. Start the engine and let the fluid drain out.
Running conditions : "N" range with engine idling.

The engine should be stopped within one minute after it is started. If the
fluid has all drained out before then, the engine should be stopped at that
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8 14th April 01:53
mike marlow
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

To Diarmud387 - Car manufacturers do not make tranny fluids or motor oils.
Nor do they manufacturer filters. Stick with the standards they specify and
you'll be all right. At the level of the standards, tranny fluid is tranny
fluid, motor oil is motor oil, etc. Sure there are different grades above
the standards and they are not a bad option for those who want an extra
measure of security, but there is no such thing as Ford Tranny Fluid, or GM
Tranny Fluid, or Hyundai Tranny Fluid. What they sell in their private
label containers for inflated prices is the same stuff you can buy in the
aftermarket. Just be sure to know the specification of the fluid. It's
illegal for the auto manufacturer to hold your warranty hostage to using
their private label fluids. They can only hold you to the specified standard.

You're probably right, for the very reasons I stated above to the previous
poster. Look at your Hyundai warranty - does it specifically state that you
must use Hyundai Transmission Fluid, or does it specify a standard? To be
honest I have not looked at mine, but it would really surprise me if they
tried to force their private label on consumers.

Here's my twist on what you describe above...

I service the tranny - drain it, install new filter, clean the pan to remove
filings, etc., replace the filter and close it up. Then to get the ATF out
of the torque converter and the intercooler, I remove the connection at the
intercooler and start the car. I let the tranny pump out fluid into a
bucket, and with a very scientific "best guess" rate of pour, I add fluid as
it pumps the remainder of the old fluid out. You can tell when you've
cycled all of the old fluid out by watching what pumps out. When you start
to see the nice, bright, new color pumping out, you've done it all. Put the
line back on the intercooler, double check your ATF level and call it a job
well done. You're typically within the one quart range, certainly within
two with this procedure. I suppose you could well argue that one quart of
used ATF won't really contaminate the new stuff, but it's a practice I
picked up years ago and it's stuck with me over time.

BTW - good link to those pics of the filter cut apart. The owner of that
car has some serious problems though, and that filter is not going to help
him much. That's one hell of a lot of metal filing for such a short driving
distance. He's got bigger problems than a filter.


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9 14th April 01:53
External User
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

first off i purchased the extended warranty to have a bumper to bumper
in order to be sure there would be no dealer/factory warranty issues
during the 10/100,000 warranty i pay them their pound of flesh, buy the
factory recommended oil and filter from them and self install to save
my 2001 accent has had its share of misery but when they accused me
of not following their pricey scheduled maintenance(engine tappets went
bad @40k miles) i shoved my dealer purchased receipts
under their noses to prove them wrong.
my only exception to dealer bought is i use "mobil one" synthetic
engine oil.
they even tried to tell me thats no good for hyundai engines.
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10 14th April 06:29
External User
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Default Transmission fluid in Hyundais

But, there's NO aftermarket SP-III fluid. Just like there's no aftermarket
Chrysler ATF +4 fluid.
[Fireproof suite mode ON] Amsoil's web site says: "AMSOIL ATF is recommended
for transmission, hydraulic and other applications requiring any of the
following specifications:"
a.. Chrysler ATF+ through ATF+4
a.. Mitsubishi/Hyundai Diamond SP II & III
+ many others....
This should not be confused to mean "Meets SP-III specifications"

Royal Purple's site says "no RP equivalent" for Hyundai and Chrysler.

BG's site says "BG Universal Synthetic ATF is the superior choice to use in
all passenger and commercial automatic transmissions." This is the magic
stuff that the dealer uses in Hyundai ATM's

[Fireproof suite mode OFF]

Good luck.

It looks like they are forcing the use of theirs only..... Not a word about
compatible. Who'd like to try a Magnuson Moss claim?

From TSB 03-40-019:


Only Hyundai SPIII is approved for use in Hyundai vehicles beginning with
the 1996 model year. Use of aftermarket additives or other types of ATF,
such as Chrysler/Mopar ATF+3, Dexron and Mercon, are not approved for use in
Hyundai vehicles and may affect driveability or damage the transaxle. Damage
caused by a non-specified fluid is not covered by your new vehicle limited warranty.
<The tranny fluid changeprocedure>

Hey, It's in the manual as THE procedure. Unfortunately, there's no "install
new filter, clean the pan to remove filings, etc., replace the filter and
close it up" because there's no way to get at the filter as it's under the
valve body. Much dissasembly required. In fact, dealers can't even open up
the transmission according to Hyundai! Also, the "pan" is vertical.
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