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1 24th July 07:05
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Default Hurricane relief

That story took on wings of its own.

A cop spokesman, in a press conference shown on CNN yesterday, while talking
about other subjects, specifically made a point of trying to correct the
versions of this particular story.

His version says 5 guys carrying guns were spotted on the bridge. Police
approached them, and the guys opened fire on the cops at point blank range.
Cops returned fire and 2 of the perps were known to be dead, others were
hit. He stressed that NEVER were any contractors involved. The cops did not
shoot at contractors; the perps did not shoot at contractors.

Today there are a few stories around discussing the many versions of this
event, but the cop-spokesman's version does not yet seem to have made it to

This points out strongly that media no longer collect and report facts.
They report other people's rumours.
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