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1 15th March 06:50
chick urick
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Default Magneto Failure

Has anyone experienced both "P" leads in a D2000 shorting out against
the back of the case? It appears this may have happened in a C172
(1979) as there are arc marks at the connectors. Looks like a gasket
should have been install but none is there? Any comments appreciated.
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2 16th March 05:49
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Default Magneto Failure

You've got me swinging.

The "P" leads on D2000 screw into the back side of the capacitors last
time I checked.

It is not uncommon for the wires from the capacitors to the points
getting pinched in between the case halves, that's typically an
installation/assembly issue.

The only "gasket" that I'm familiar with goes between the halves, and
is only used on pressurised installs.

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