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1 2nd August 02:45
david brooks
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Default Strange wording in Commercial experience requirement


(summarizing) It does sound awkward, but it makes sense...log 250 hours...10
of which are on proficiency areas...5 of which are at night

Thanks, Brian, you pointed out what I missed. I still think the English is
awkward, and it doesn't call the solo work "training" (cf the Private
requirement), but I get it. So, last night, I had a fine time preflighting,
taking off, landing (regular and short-field techniques), navigating, and
post-flighting, to commercial standards. The flying bit was nice too.

When I turned base back home, a rag that was tucked up by the left side
airvent came loose and dangled down. In my peripheral vision, my first
impression was that of a hand coming through the vent, causing a certain
adrenaline rush. My second thought was "damn, I won't be able to log solo".

To Bob: don't be so unkind. There are others around who try to compare what
the FARs say with what they mean, even if we all know what they mean. Or am
I coming across like Steve "315 degree downwind entry" McNicoll?

-- David Brooks
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