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24 Mar 2006 - Today’s Military, Veteran, War and National Security News - Mombu the Aviation Forum
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1 11th July 09:59
otis willie
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Default 24 Mar 2006 - Today’s Military, Veteran, War and National Security News

24 Mar 2006 - Today’s Military, Veteran, War and National Security

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US General: Military Action Not Imminent Against Iran

Bulgaria to allow US military bases on its territory

Japan, US split on military base relocation cost

Canadian military in Iraq since day one Offers Odds on US Military Action against Iran

Congress should speed ballots to military

Revised military conduct code puts brothels off-limits

Pentagon To Review Military News Practices

Bush Says Americans Must 'Recognize' Military Sacrifices

N.Korea blasts joint military exercises

Three military recruiting centers damaged by vandals

Colombia: Uribe rift with military?

Military Deploys Guided Missile Systems

Military Lab Puts Name on a Long-Lost Airman

No need for troops, Thai military says

US military insists Iraq violence limited

Military asserts most of Iraq peaceful, but violence rages where...

Japan-stationed US military employee convicted for ****

No risk of civil war in Iraq, US military chief says

Joint military US-RP exercises welcome here - Ali


EU approves Congo military mission

Canadian Forces Military Career Fair

US military pledges to expedite cases of detained journalists

Philippine armed forces on highest alert for military academy...

Ex-Salvadoran military officer admits role in archbishop's murder

US Tells Turkey Time Not Ripe for Military Action Against Kurdish...

Indonesian military denies abuse claim by Papuan asylum seekers

Iran dispute 'long way' from military solution: US army chief

LTTE's military strength key to Tamils' future- Theepan

Bill will defend military retirees health-care benefits

Drive helps military members take care of their own

India to host 16th Asia Pacific Military Medicine Conference

Transformation of US military hasnt failed, it has advanced

Former military site cleaned up

Do you support Congressman Rangel's legislation to reinstate the...

Congress wary over US Iraq bases

The PsyOps War: A Look at the Lincoln Group and the US Military's...

Iran stages war games near Iraq border

Command releases JCOA-produced Iraqi perspectives report

Russians gave Iraq info on US war plans

Army's pay rise 'won't be enough', 5744,
18594358%255E31477, 00.html

Bills aim to ease military's cost for area schools

Military recruiting in schools becomes hot issue

Chile: Army Purchasing Tanks From Germany

VMI gives statesman humanitarian award

Two West Point musical groups performing at ESU

Navy chaplain complains about prayer rules

Muslim Army Chaplain Speaks About Guantanamo Bay Imprisonment...

Chaplain's Corner

Chaplain's Chat: Saying Goodbye

Prayer brings Army chaplain back to Sheboygan

Army chaplain ignores church

New Incentives Help National Guard Recruitment

Nearly 70 Oregon Army National Guard Citizen Soldiers Will...

Rethinking role of the National Guard

El Pasoan & Former POW at Memorial Service

Group wants to rename I-95 to honor POW-MIA,
0, 3546143.story?coll=sfl-news-palmcomm

In recognition of service to his country...

Goff: Veterans Club - 21 Infantry Battalion

Three years later...

Anti-War Protests Draw Hundreds Of Thousands Everywhere

13 arrested in Anti-War Resistance

Anti-War Activists Rescued By Special Forces In Iraq

Scientists seek *** slavery evidence in Vietnam war

The US Empire Versus Reality

War awareness different for students

Chaz Crawford Laid to Rest

Veterans march to New Orleans: Make levees, not war

(PRN) Incoming 22nd Air Force Commander Delivers Newest Lockheed...

Former fighter pilot pushes for more Air Force diversity

Students Fight to Keep Air Force ROTC Program

Air force silent on **** talk, 2106, 3615248a11, 00.html

Republic of Singapore Air Force welcomes new chief

Coast Guard questions security

US Coast Guard: Safety first for boat season

Fallen Fort Hood Soldier Grew Up An Army Brat

Al Qaeda informant testifies in terror trial

Schools Also on the Front Lines in Iraq

Freed British hostage flying home from Iraq: colleague

Iraq Translator Charged in Bribe Scheme

Russia Told Iraq of US Troop Movements During War, Study Says

Hollywood takes on Iraq as public opinion shifts

Iraq security forces reducing abuse of rights

US accuses Iran of Iraq duplicity

ROK-US Joint Military Exercises Begin Saturday

Korean Military Should Take on More Duties: Rumsfeld

General: War on Terror Will Last for Years

In the Iraqi reality, anything can be fake or forged, but the...

Religious choice in Afghanistan

New VA clinic to be built in North Fort Myers

Builder Needed for Lufkin VA Clinic

Army keeps promise to Mustonen

Army faulted over wartime armor delays

Army's pay rise 'won't be enough', 5744,
18594358%255E31477, 00.html

Navy chaplain complains about prayer rules

US Seeks Ankara's Help to Prevent Civil War in Iraq

School for spotters UFOs

Jewish war vets' post flourishes,
0, 927081.column

Veteran helps others navigate benefits jungle

VAW-120 Sailor Selected to Attend 2006 WAI Conference

Scientists seek *** slavery evidence in Vietnam war

Young Voices: Women in combat

Criminal Justice Day held at Mount Olive

Revolutionary War flags could be coming to South Carolina

Washington's Secret War: The Hidden History of Valley Forge

India, France to conduct naval exercise

Soldier earns Silver Star for heroics under fire during battle in...


The War Veterans Directory, Free

Injured soldier recounts harrowing moments

Canadian medics aid Afghan village

PM announces steps to resolve Agent Orange issue CBC News

Canadian hostages relax

RCMP confirms its involvement in freeing hostages CTV News

JTF-2 soldiers helped free hostages The Ottawa Citizen

Three countries planned for 'weeks and weeks' The Globe and Mail

Free, with help from Canada

Handful of Canadian soldiers on duty with coalition The Toronto Star

'We caught a very lucky break': Hostages The Edmonton Journal

Lesson saves teacher's life The Toronto Star

Troops blow up bomb at refugee camp

Canada to hand over suspects to Kabul CTV News

Afghan boy helped by Canadian soldiers dies Canada NewsWire

Canadians leave Golan Heights

Peacekeeping era ends

Canada joins with Denmark to map depths of the Arctic The Globe and

PM rejects new rules for civil servants
Canadian Commentary Russell D. Storring -- CBC News

**** it up and wait Colonel Gary H. Rice -- National Post

Buying gear of their own not new Bill Rankin -- The Ottawa Citizen

We can't win hearts and minds with guns - href="/cc=Afghanistan
Photos Len Tucker -- The Ottawa Citizen

Explain the mission

ISAF Rex Murphy -- CBC News

Hanging people for what they believe Editorial -- The Edmonton Journal

Religious freedom must be protected John Gray -- CBC News

Bush's new security strategy spells trouble for Canada John Ibbitson
-- The Globe and Mail

PM reaps rewards of foreign-affairs strategy Editorial -- The Toronto

Peacemakers, spared Editorial -- The Ottawa Citizen

Lucky to be alive George Jonas -- National Post

Pacifists with bad manners Ian Hodge -- National Post

The Iraq question Sarah Brayne -- National Post

The war in Iraq is not right Neil Reynolds -- The Globe and Mail

English is unstoppable

International Commentary William M. Arkin -- The Washington Post

Dots: An Apparatus of Domestic Repression? Ben Macintyre -- The Times,,1068-2100766,00.html

The lucrative and deadly power of the kidnapper Jeff Jacoby -- The
Boston Globe

The humanitarian case for war in Iraq Jeffrey Shaffer -- The Christian
Science Monitor

No simple answers, but thanks for asking Daniel Schorr -- The
Christian Science Monitor

Three years later, 'progress' replaces 'victory' Cindy Williams -- The
Boston Globe

Weighing the costs of today's defense strategy Rosa Brooks -- Los
Angeles Times,0,6111335.column?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

Caveman-in-Chief Jonah Goldberg -- Los Angeles Times,0,3678385.column?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

Bush was right on WMD Madeleine Albright -- Los Angeles Times,0,5251258.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

There's no axis of evil Leader -- The Daily Telegraph

ETA starts to give up Editorial -- Los Angeles Times,0,6100869.story?coll=la-news-comment-editorials

ETA sees the light Editorial -- The New York Times

Bush's blameless men Editorial -- The New York Times

Outrage in Afghanistan Cornelia Janke -- The Boston Globe

A focus on positives in Afghanistan Dana Milbank -- The Washington

Doomsday: One horseman short of an apocalypse The Boston Globe

For stability in the Mideast Patt Morrison -- Los Angeles Times,0,1820423.column?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

'Top Gun' goes Pier One Timothy Garton Ash -- Los Angeles Times,0,1894004.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

Belarus' overhyped revolution Editorial -- Los Angeles Times,0,1423762.story?coll=la-news-comment-editorials

It was genocide Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough -- The Washington

Inside the Ring: Notes from the Pentagon William M. Arkin -- The
Washington Post

Free Speech and Patriotism
International News The New York Times

Military Lab Puts Name on a Long-Lost Airman The Associated Press

Frozen WWII Airman to Get Proper Burial

AT-7 The Associated Press

For One Civil War Soldier, the Correct Name Rights a Wrong The
Associated Press

Rumsfeld resists making Iraq predictions The Washington Post

Espionage Law's Merits Tied Into Ex-Lobbyists' Case The Washington

Moussaoui Shouts Intentions to Take Stand The Washington Post

Purchase by Israeli Firm Called Off

Check Point The Christian Science Monitor

India nuke deal meets wary Congress The Associated Press

U.S. to contract foreign co. to scan cargo Aviation Week & Space

JSF Fracas Risks Bad Blood Between Allies The Times,,174-2100909,00.html

George Cross for Iraq war hero

Britain is 'likely base for son of Star Wars' The Times,,174-2101149,00.html

The al-Qaeda informer who wanted to wage war in Britain

Terrorist informer was disciple of Hamza and Bakri

Rescuers 'were paralysed' by fears of a second bomb Edinburgh Evening

Warning over sea-level rise by year 2100

Airman found guilty of sodomy, assault The Times,,13509-2101032,00.html

Chirac flees summit in a fury over use of English

Paris's streets ablaze over workers' rights

Chirac flees summit in a fury over use of English Stars and Stripes

Ramstein deserter facing more charges Stars and Stripes

Soldiers, German COBs find love on the 'battlefield' The Times,,3-2100963,00.html

The Irish priest who brought ETA killers to peace The Daily Telegraph

ETA urges all Basques to support ceasefire Reuters News Agency

ETA peace talks began abroad The New York Times

Belarus Protest Dispersed as Police Arrest Hundreds BBC News

West to put sanctions on Belarus Reuters News Agency

Russia to use drones for G8 summit security BBC News

Gaddafi gives lesson on democracy BBC News

Somali deaths in fierce clashes Aljazeera News{21588D5E-89AE-4EC2-889D-2A006151F8BD}

Sudan nod urged for Darfur force BBC News

Enticing rebels out of DR Congo's forests The Christian Science

On a desert trek, former enemies form new bonds The Associated Press,,1738403,00.html

At least 60 killed as rival groups clash in Mogadishu Reuters News

UN envoy backs Lebanese talks on Hizbollah weapons

Blockade halts refugee aid as the UN runs out of fuel BBC News

Abbas 'moots secret peace talks' The Associated Press

29 Dead in Iraq; New Sweep Nets Insurgents Reuters News Agency

Blast hits Sunni mosque in Iraq The New York Times

Challenge for U.S.: Iraq's Handling of Detainees Reuters News Agency

Iraq leaders meet as U.S. presses for govt deal Reuters News Agency

In Falluja, Iraqi forces riven by sectarianism Reuters News Agency

UN urges Iraq to rein in 'death squads' The Times,,3-2101201,00.html

Two minutes to freedom in SAS mission

Three Abducted Peace Activists Rescued in Iraq The Scotsman

'It's great to be free' says hostage The Christian Science Monitor

Christian Peacemakers celebrate release Reuters News Agency

U.S. says Iraqis to secure their own borders by July The Guardian,,1738575,00.html

The Iraqi brain drain Stars and Stripes

U.S. troops training Iraqis in Humvee use The Washington Post

Envoy Accuses Iran of Duplicity on Iraq Reuters News Agency

U.S. to discuss Iraq with Iran, says Rice The Times,,251-2097772,00.html

Britain pushes for military option to restrain Tehran The Associated

Afghan clerics demand death for Christian convert

Rice Presses Karzai on Convert's Life The Associated Press,,174-2101035,00.html

President Musharraf tells terrorists to leave, or else

Militants fire rockets at Pakistani base Reuters News Agency

Pakistani forces kill up to 20 militants

Indian PM wants peace pact with Pakistan

Indonesia recalls Australian envoy The Associated Press

American gets nine years for two Okinawa ****s


Hypersonic jet ready for launch Aviation Week & Space Technology

Australia Embraces Net-Centric Warfighting BBC News

Argentina marks coup anniversary Reuters News Agency

US indicts FARC over cocaine cartel The Daily Telegraph

Fearful Castro 'has underwear burnt'
Obituaries The Daily Telegraph

Wing Commander "Bunny" Currant has died aged 95 The Daily Telegraph

Brigadier "Speedy" Hill has died aged 95,,60-2095038,00.html

Henry Baker has died aged 87
History The Canadian War Museum

-- Otis Willie (Ret.)
Military News and Information Editor (
The American War Library, Est. 1988 (
16907 Brighton Avenue
Gardena CA 90247

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