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1 3rd November 23:21
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

In Day of Violence in Iraq, Attacks From All Directions
02.07.2003 [08:05]

Iraq's plague of violence showed no signs of abating today, as six
American soldiers were wounded in two separate attacks, American
soldiers killed four Iraqis at checkpoints in Baghdad, and a huge
explosion killed at least five people at a mosque.

The gunfire and bombing seemed to come from all directions today,
leaving a trail of bitterness, confusion and hunger for revenge. The
death toll included militant anti-American Muslims and people who were
simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

American soldiers came under attack today by rocket-propelled grenades
in two incidents.

The United States Central Command in Tampa, Fla., said tonight that
three American soldiers had been wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade
about 8:45 a.m. today along Highway 8 in Baghdad. At 9:45 a.m., three
others were wounded in a similar attack, but Central Command has not
pinpointed the location. The wounded were treated at a combat support
hospital outside Baghdad.

There were reports here of an Army convoy struck by a rocket-propelled
grenade fired from a passing car. According to a witness on the
street, a man popped out of the sunroof of a sedan and fired at a
Humvee, which was engulfed in flames. Witnesses said they saw American
soldiers pull out two soldiers and an Iraqi civilian who were
seriously wounded, but it was not clear whether this was one of the
attacks that Central Command described.

There were at least two other attacks on military trucks today, but
information about casualties was unclear.

The total number of attacks on military vehicles is considerably
higher than the number of incidents announced by American officials.
Though often willing to confirm attacks when asked about them, Army
officers rarely announce incidents that do not result in American

On Saturday night, for example, an Army convoy in Baghdad came under
fire but the rocket-propelled grenade hit an Iraqi truck. Army
officers who were on the scene said the truck's Iraqi driver was badly
wounded and probably did not survive, but the incident was never
mentioned in military announcements.

In Tikrit today, Iraqi officials reported that unidentified assassins
had shot to death Abdullah Mahmoud al-Khattab, the chief of the Bani
al-Nasiri tribe of Saddam Hussein. The slaying, which occurred on
Sunday, was the latest in a series of assassinations carried out
against tribal leaders who wielded power under the previous

In Falluja, 35 miles west of Baghdad, a blast of undetermined origins
ripped through the front office of Al Hassan mosque about 11 p.m. on
Monday, killing at least five men. Members of the mosque immediately
accused American forces of firing a missile at them, but Army officers
said the explosion appeared to have been generated from within the
mosque itself.

Outside the mosque's destroyed offices today, Muhammad Jassim, a
militant Sunni Muslim, provided a glimpse into the dynamics of
escalating violence.

"Anyone who shoots an Iraqi in this town will have a reaction, a
random reaction," he said. "It might be that other people are hurt,
innocent people. And after this, the families of those victims will
ask for revenge."

The incidents have made anxious American soldiers even quicker about
pulling their triggers. Late this afternoon, soldiers at a checkpoint
in one of Baghdad's wealthiest neighborhoods opened fire on three cars
and killed at least two Iraqis.

Confronted with maddeningly unpredictable attacks, and sweltering in
Baghdad's scorching summer heat, American soldiers have become more
willing to shoot first and ask questions later.

In two separate incidents only an hour and a few hundred feet apart,
American soldiers manning checkpoints here fired on cars carrying
Iraqi civilians, killing at least two people and wounding several

"People have used car bombs against us," said Maj. Scott Slaten, a
public affairs officer with the First Armored Division. "People
running checkpoints are usually criminals, Baathists or people fleeing
crimes who didn't think they would get caught."

Witnesses said there were no signs ordering drivers to stop, and it
was easy to miss or misunderstand the soldiers.

"They killed innocent people for nothing," said Selwain al-Naimi, who
witnessed the second incident.

The first occurred at 4:30 p.m., at a roundabout leading to a bridge
that provides entry to the grounds of the Republican Palace, which is
the headquarters for the American-led occupation here. Major Slaten
said a car rushed a checkpoint, causing a soldier to open fire with a
machine gun to deter what he perceived as a threat.

Two unidentified Iraqi civilians were killed. Major Slaten said a
search of their car yielded a loaded 9-millimeter pistol and a "large
amount" of Iraqi money.

An hour later "understanding these guys are a bit tense now," Major
Slaten said an elderly man driving a Toyota approached a similar
checkpoint on a ramp leading to the same roundabout. Major Slaten said
the man was driving so fast that a soldier had to jump onto the curb
to get out of the way.

But witnesses said the car had stopped by the time at least one
soldier opened fire with a .50-caliber machine gun. The car's
windshield was shattered, and the driver wounded by the glass, Major
Slaten said. No weapons were found in the car.

Witnesses said the hail of bullets also hit a car at the base of the
ramp that was trying to avoid the gunfire, injuring the occupants.

L. Paul Bremer III, the American administrator in charge of Iraq, has
repeatedly insisted that life is returning to normal, saying that open
markets are busier than ever and that women and children walk the
streets much more freely than they did right after major combat ended.

In Washington today, President Bush placed blame for much of the
violence in Iraq on small groups loyal to Saddam Hussein and his Baath

Source: The New York Times
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2 3rd November 23:21
captain !
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

when the americans and brits came, many of the iraqi army (that were still
alive) simply took off their uniforms and blended into the local population.
now some of them are beginning to find their desire to fight again. it will
be a difficult and challenging task to route them out.
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3 28th November 01:27
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

why not if it is a credible source. Unlike you with Iraq I am not
affraid at all to hear bad news from Chechenia. Moreover often and
often good news are coming from there. For instance 95% of chechens
voted in referendum to be part of russia is not bad at all to start
with. BTW now chechen militia mostly is involved in elimination of
remaining bands in Chechenia and suffer battle casualties.
And no doubts the job will be done successfuly. Chechens are very good
fighters particularly if they backed by russian army staying behind.
BTW during last few weeks some 120 chechens have alredy laid down their
weapons and ask for amnesty. This week FSB says middle level commanders
started doing just the same.

As for Iraq if Iraqis will start real war (and it is close to that)
we will see pretty soon the same style of US retreat from Iraq as they
did from Saigon and Mogadishu with all their high-tek. Can you guess
whose companies will be invited to develope Iraq oil fields after that
US retreat? Right French and Russians. All indications for that.
Stuipid polititians in power of US, anger of local people, unlimited
light weapon reserves in hand of iraq people and last but not least
vital support from neighbour countries who are themself are under danger
of US invasion. Since clearly no US invasion is possible until Iraq
is fully pacified, Syria and Iran would do everything in their power
to provide enough fuel for the full scale partizan war in Iraq, their
the only security guarantee. And only blind cannot see that US has
already lost. The question is only how more amrican and british lives
it take before everybody would understand that? Russian experts say no
less than 2000 which is US pain barrier Any suggestions on that estimate?

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4 28th November 01:29
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

With that kind of rhetoric (see below)? Impossible! Who said
he had diplomatic background? He must be totaly mad.


Paul Bremer, Washington's overlord in Iraq:

"... We are going to fight them and impose our will on them and
we will capture or... kill them until we have imposed law and
order on this country," he declared at the weekend. "We dominate
the scene and we will continue to impose our will on this country. ..."
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5 28th November 01:29
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

Lets hear what the Russians and Chechnyas are fighting with first.
The last we heard it was some sort of gas rather than guns.
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6 28th November 01:29
stephen harding
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

Hey 99-100% of Iraqis voted for Saddam Hussein last election.

I'm certain you're hoping such a development occurs Michael.

Absolutely! It's even possible Saddam could return to power! He's
apparently still alive, has billions of dollars, and a sizeable group of
ruthless people who would be happy to see his return.

Perhaps Russia and France would be happy to see the old boy back, and what
he does to other Iraqis won't concern them a bit!

Syria and Iran were always going to play spoiler to any US intervention in
Iraq. That was always as given. It was always clear the democratization
of Iraq would be a far more difficult task than defeating the Iraqi Army.

This kind of stuff takes time. It's not for the impatient. It's not for
the faint of heart.

The Iraqis taking part in this "guerrila war" of yours are most likely
Baathists who would like Saddam back, or Iranian Islamic Republic lovers,
or just anti-US spoilers (Syria). None of them really have much to offer
the Iraqi people (hell, even Iranians don't like an Islamic Republic).

Only you and your Soviet cohorts, and possibly French, hoping for return of
large contracts without US/UK competition in the area.

And of course those people who are so anti-Bush or anti-American that they
would gladly see a Saddam or Hitler or Stalin win just to see a US failure.

Talk about stupid politics!

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7 28th November 01:30
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist


It was from your own country. Is that credible?

95%? Lets see, according to census estimates Chechnya has approx 800,000
people. Of that, nearly 200,000 are under 16 years old and are thus not
eligilbe to vote. Since 95% of 800,000 is 760,000 it seems that someone
imported a few voters from outside.
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8 28th November 01:30
rostyslaw j. lewyckyj
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

Yes and one needs only to remember an old communist principle enunciated
by Stalin (?). It doesn't matter how they vote. It only matters Who
reports the official results. (or something similar)
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9 28th November 01:33
captain !
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

no doubt. besides, iraq is a much better theatre to draw america's enemies
out of the woodwork for a fight than the homeland is.
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10 28th November 01:35
External User
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Default Iraqis continue to resist

This number is wrong. There was official population census >1 mil.

95% of those who came to vote.

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