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1 30th October 18:30
maurice kellett
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Default Judicial Oath Fraud



I, .................................................. ........., do swear
that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the
Second in the office of Justice of the Peace for the City of
.................................................. .........., and I will do
right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm,
without fear or favour, affection or ill will.

So help me God.


Click this link and see for yourself just how evil the Judicial Oath fraud

This is just the tip of what is a massive corrupt UK criminal establishment

Police Super x is unfit

to be a Superintendent or a Prosecutor in court

Superintendent x is not fit to be a policeman and is a disgrace to this
court, to the police and to the district of Durham.

Last week I gave him a dossier on murders committed by a dangerous criminal
who lives in this district and he wouldn't even read it.

I have that book here in this court and it is clear that a dangerous serial
murderer is at large and x wouldn't even talk about it and refused to read

He controls the police in this district whose job it is to investigate
allegations of crime and if he won't do his duty what can a person do?

It makes me very angry to see x in this court standing up prosecuting people
for relatively minor offences when he refused to do his duty by not even
reading the book I gave him. This book titled The Real Yorkshire Ripper

of Mr O'Gara's.

The West Yorkshire police offered a lunatic copycat killer named Peter
Sutcliffe a deal of ten years in a mental home and no trial, in exchange for
his confessions to all the Ripper's murders in addition to his own 4
killings and a string of attacks he committed.

This copycat killer, Peter Sutcliffe, had previously been eliminated by UK
detectives 12 times because his blood group was not the blood group of the
Ripper and his teeth pattern didn't match the bite marks of the Ripper.

This deal by corrupt UK policemen allowed the real Ripper, Irishman Billy
Tracey to remain free and Mr O'Gara took the only course open to him when
the police wouldn't intervene. He wrote a book in order to expose this
corruption and perversion of the justice system.

This is the book and I am not prepared to listen to Superintendent x
prosecuting people while he refuses to do his duty by this book.

He is not a proper policeman and has refused to do his duty and I can't
tolerate this corruption and dereliction of office. He is paid out of the
public purse and as a member of the public I want to see him do his duty or
resign his job so that someone who will do it is appointed to this
responsible job. The real Yorkshire Ripper
is still at large. Visit this website and read for yourself just how
policemen can be more evil than even the worst criminals who they are paid
to protect us from. This is one of my websites which is
exposing just how generally corrupt and evil the UK judiciary are. Lords
Woolf and Bingham, allegedly top authorities on UK law did not seem to know
that when a litigant expresses any concerns about the independence or
impartiality of a court, and that court ignored to address that matter as
priority, that is an automatic violation of Article 6 (1) of the European
Human Rights Convention. Lords Injustice Auld and Pill also need to answer
for their part in preventing me from appealing the perverted and illegal
judgement of recorder John H=Hugh Fryer-Spedding, The perverted judgement
and ruling of recorder John Hugh Fryer-Spedding in Durham and Newcastle
County Court cases DH400950, DH400898 and NE401650 is declared null and void
with all cir***stances arising. It is not and never will be my intension to
accept the judgement of an establishment protected criminal.

Tony Blair, former Home Secretary Jack Straw, and the Queen of criminals
Elizabeth II, have ignored the Northumbria Police Special Squad attempts to
murder me at my home at 16A The Lyons Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear in early
February 2003 when they were parties to its theft. Northumbria Police,
Washington Crown Prosecution Service and Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates
Court are manned by criminals who have carried out very serious crimes
against me obviously in an attempt to close my mouth in exposing them and
their establishment criminal pals. Queen Elizabeth II is an integral part of
the Judicial Oath fraud. It appears that criminals in the above named
authorities are being protected under the Royal Prerogative where the Royals
claim that they are immune from prosecution. Under International law their
defence to the crimes such as the Judicial Oath fraud and the use of the
Royal Prerogative in defence of it, is in fact indefensible. We now live in
the twenty first century and not in the middle ages.

Queen Elizabeth II is unfit in the cir***stances of her part in what is the
massive Judicial Oath fraud to hold any public position. To refer to her as
gracious is almost a laughing matter were it not so serious. Queen
Elizabeth's part in the Judicial Oath fraud amounts to a tyranny being used
against the people of the UK nation. All UK authorities only operate under
the authority of Queen Elizabeth II. In the cir***stances of the Judicial
Oath fraud they are all headed by a criminal. There are those who say that
Queen Elizabeth II has very little say in matters such as these. I am not
persuaded in this. This woman obviously knows that she is an integral part
in the Judicial Oath fraud, I have also made this known to her by letter,
and if she had a conscience she would withdraw from the situation and come
clean on this matter. Queen Elizabeth II has been served with my eigh****
million pounds damages claim for her part in the Judicial Oath fraud. In
fact no amount of money would compensate for the massive damage to me where
the Judicial Oath fraud has played such an important part. In 1986 I
suffered a stroke when I was sent to Durham Prison for alleged Contempt of
the Durham County Court. That court rightly and justly deserves contempt.
The evidence in my cases alone prove this fact. I often wonder just how many
other victims there have been of that court? Around a month after the
Northumbria police Special Squad attempts to murder me at my home at
Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear, first by shooting me and then by trying to impale
me on a sword that had decorated a room in my home, I suffered a heart
attack. Several weeks ago I suffered a further hear. It was about then that
a D.S. Gardner of Northumbria Police suggested/advised/ warned me that I
should back away from what I am doing and live out what is left of my life
as happily as I can. My reply to him was that I will never do that. Mt
conscience dictates what I should do and that's something that I can do
nothing about.

Let the UK National Anthem be changed for a start. It is clearly all a part
of brainwashing the British Nation that we have a gracious Queen. In any
event were there some national emergency who is likely to be saved first by
the authorities she rules over? Any offers by anyone to write a new and
more appropriate National Anthem?

Queen Elizabeth II is now a multi-billionaire. The people who might normally
be expected to ask questions about Queen Elizabeth's massive wealth and how
it has been obtained have all sworn allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II but not
to the people of the UK nation who have elected them and pat their wages.
This is how our hypocrisy works. To call the UK a democracy would be a huge
lie. .

http://www.davi**** A man who should be listened to.


There are forces at play in the world that override local interests and
perceived interests.
The UK is just awakening to the fact that the word democracy is very
the UK has arguably the best democracy in the world but the power
struggle is there behind this facade with forces for good and evil at war
with each other.
The fact that they could let the Ripper get away is just a measure of
the morality of these people.
Both Straw and Blair were written to by myself when they were in
opposition as home office secretaries. No replies from either. That speaks
volumes for itself about these bastards. Its all PR and fudge with them in
every thing they do.
Mrs thatcher showed the world what law and order was, when she mobilised
her private army of policemen to break the miners strike in 1982. What did
she care about the Ripper then? Law and order was put on the back burner
until she got control of the miners then her boys went back to their other
PR job arresting a few criminals and keeping the masses under control while
she taxed them as much as she could and even tried a poll tax.
Then she took Britain to war in the Falklands for no gain but just to
show her teeth. 1000 Englishmen died for what? A few islands of crap at the
ends of the earth.

war consent royal prerogative executive privilege A
campaign of Freedom to Care Home Page of Freedom to Care

The Dictatorial Powers of UK and USA Political Leaders


While the US president and UK prime minister condemn dictatorship and
lack of democracy in other countries, they themselves have dictatorial

In the UK this is called 'Royal Prerogative'

In the USA it is called 'Executive Privilege'

These privileges are undemocratic, allow unaccountable government, and
are dangerous.

These political privileges have led us into disaster several times

They must be abolished.

Only great public pressure can achieve this.


When the pop singer 'Sting' opposed a Ministry of Defence plan to
increase the use of the military air base at Boscombe Down, near Salisbury
he discovered just how unaccountable our UK system of government is: The
Ministry of Defence can do as it wishes without planning permission, because
of something called 'Royal Prerogative' or 'Crown Prerogative'

As Guardian reporter, David McKie put it (6th December 2000), this was
not just a story about a pop singer, but "about crown prerogative; about a
system which spares the crown and its representatives the tiresome
constraints which affect the rest of us, like having to get planning
permission for your extension. The cushioning, conveniencing, excluding
powers of the prerogative crop up throughout our system of government, often
with few people knowing that they are there. Its exercise lies close to the
heart of whatever in British government is most arbitrary, most secretive,
and least accountable."

This arbitrary power once belonged to the monarch, but through many
decades has gradually transferred to our political leaders, especially the
Prime Minister.

This undemocratic privilege enables prime ministers to:

order the country to war

to make treaties

to give up national territory

to select staff for the top echelons of political life, the church
and the law

to hand out honours by patronage and favour

to keep information from courts, even when injustice may result

and a lot more........

Royal prerogative enables governments to fill a wide range of senior
appointments in the armed forces, the security services, the civil service
and the judiciary, without reference to the people's representatives (with
only a token nod from the powerless Queen).

Royal prerogative (no longer really Royal, but Prime Ministerial)
sends our troops to wars and emergencies. On May 11, 1982, early in the
Falklands "emergency" the Labour leader, Michael Foot, argued that the House
of Commons had a right to make a judgment on the matter before matters were
made worse. Margaret Thatcher disagreed. "It is an inherent jurisdiction of
the government to negotiate and reach decisions," she told the commons.
"Afterwards the House of Commons can pass judgment on the government."

The same system of royal prerogative has applied under Tony Blair with
Sierra Leone, with former Yugoslavia, and now Iraq.


However, Royal prerogative is now being questioned by many. There has
been some success in rolling it back. What is most effective is a public
protest against the way it frustrates a clear public interest, as in the
case of the Stanley Royd hospital, Wakefield, where facts were revealed
which produced a successful parliamentary campaign to remove "crown
immunity" in such public institutions.

The idea that the prerogative should progressively be transferred
from crown to people through a democratic parliament is beginning to take

It is perplexing to think that Jack Straw, now not too concerned about
Parliament in his wish to wage war on Iraq, wrote six years ago: "The royal
prerogative has no place in a modern western democracy ... Only part of our
constitutional arrangement has ever been formally endorsed by parliament.
The rest derives from the royal prerogative... Accountability of the
executive is fundamental to any democracy. Where power is based not upon
statute but upon the royal prerogative it is this accountability which
suffers... Over time - and it is bound to take time - we should aim for a
situation where all powers exercised by the executive, and by the monarch,
are based upon statute, sometimes (as with voting systems) reinforced by
direct decisions of the electorate through referenda." In those days he was
a a Charter 88 reformer. Power can go to someone's head - which is precisely
why we need to keep each other in check through a transparent system of
public accountability!


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