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1 22nd February 10:38
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Default Scooter, Trashed

Looking for additional details about the A-4E posted on a.b.p.a. at the moment
- it looks like its been through a wood chipper. Hook is down (I assume that's
from total hyd failure), so is the nosegear but the mains are still up. Rear
1/10th of the fuselage is wrinkled badly, leading to a completely missing
rudder and 1/3rd of the vert stab is gone as well. No idea if it has both
wings and elevators are intact, but there is additional damage -sprung panels,
etc. and plenty of oil drooling down the side. Did I mention its still

Tail markings are "NP" and 1102 (partial serial) - on the nose of the bird it
looks like "225".

Would like to know if it was recovered aboard ship or the pilot ejected, who he
was, and what the heck hit him!


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2 22nd February 10:38
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Default Scooter, Trashed

this was posted in reply:


April 25, 1967:
Ltjg. A. R. Crebo in Rampant Raider A-4E Skyhawk BuNo. 151102, side number NP
225 was shot down by a North
Vietnamese surface to air missile. Ltjg. Crebo was rescued.

VA-212 off USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)
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