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1 12th June 05:47
jl seagull
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Default Are os LA's ABC engines??

Hi Paul

I don't believe I referred to the 46FX in terms of it being the first
ever occurrence? I qualified attribution of peeling liners in the 46FX
as the start of the present widely held public perception of the issue
"as a quasi de rigueur occurrence", which I think you'd agree is a
reasonably accurate generalisation, insofar much as any generalisation
can be accurate in accord with the formal rules of logic?

Much more importantly as you know the 46FX was a mainstream sport
engine superseding the venerable 46SF, arguably their most prolific
class in terms of R/C engine sales whereas the Hanno special was
considered by the rank and file a special purpose high performance
pattern engine in its class and time. Technology trial and teething
problems if unwelcome, are not unexpected at that end of the envelope
from time to time and disenfranchise a relatively minute demographic.
Not the case with the ubiquitous "all things to all men" sport 46.

Importantly, whilst with every manufacturer at times there have been
issues with individual engine models, the peeling liner issue with the
46FX was prolonged and widespread effecting a much wider and larger
consumer demographic than the Hanno. In an act of consumate stupidity
by OS, they further exacerbated the issue with a policy of initial
denial and ABN proliferation for far too long before propagandising us
that they'd now like us to forget that faux pas and behaviour and
swallow the acronym ABL as now the newest 'bestest'(sic) thing since
OS's steel guts Max 15 first hit town.

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