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1 10th March 06:02
werner f.e.goldbaum
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Default SL560 soft problem partialy solved...


don't know if it's of interest for anyone else but me. Don't be bothered one
more time...

I've got help from Andrew Colin (CSM) very fast and the interested readers
of this group should know the partial resolution, so I'll post my last mail
to CSM:

Hi Andrew,

again thank you very much for the ulitmative quickly answer!!!

Well, I'm satisfied now and it's not necessary to read on, but it maybe
there is anotherone with a similar problem...

oh yes, I'm too.


With my new XP-PC I tried all that even with DMA set alternatively "1" or
"3" and gameport, soundcard shut off, but the soft could not read the gyro's
values. The soft by itself does run without errormessages.

But on my older ME-PC THAT DID WORK!!! Further, when I booted ME with
connected interface ME found a new hardware at EP-port, installed a driver
and believe it or not your SL560WIN-program is working too.

When I change the LPT-port with the DOS-program with a beep I get the

"Runtime error 150 at 0000:02FA"

Also when "entering" LPT1 which is the preconfigured port.


Yes, but in Bios and bootscreen I've been showed &378 for parallel-port...

Well, if you have another idea, please let me know and I'll try it. But now
it's OK for me knowing that the soft will run on my ME-PC.


Thank aou very much once more!!

Best regards, Werner

PS: Disclaimer espacially for this group: Sorry, but I'm not a native
english writer...
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