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1 21st July 11:07
john f winston
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Default Cats.

Subject: Something From A Friend. Jqn. 23, 2007.

Here is something that an Internet friend sent me.

.................................................. ................
.................................................. ................

Dear John -
After reading your post on your tree planting action, I
thougth you might find the information about the BILLION TREE
CAMPAIGN of interest.

Another interesting project is the CHAMPION TREE PROJECT -
I don't have a current URL for this project, but I am certain
that if you "google" it you will find it. It is also a very
exciting project that I have been personally involved with.


(JW I looked up this web site and the information on
and found them to be very interesting.)

John Winston.
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2 28th July 16:57
john f winston
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Default Cats.

Subject: Our Hidden History. Part 5 of 5. Mar. 8, 2007.

Thus we come to the end of about 65 million years of Earth
history leaving out the small stuff.

.................................................. ..............
.................................................. ..............

The French revolution:

The next real battle is over France. The Empire by this
time had taken control of most of Europe through careful
infestations and widespread support from A-yans. The
alliance continued to hold Russia, and most of the Asian
The alliance at this point decided to take back France.
Adam Whi-shaupt began to actively recruit people into the
Bavarian Ill-minati.
Members included Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Eve
Whieshaupt, George Washington, and countless others. In
France the il-uminati insighted the French revolution. But
Wies-aupt had underestimated the people's fervor, and it
quickly spiraled out of control. What started with the
careful assa-sination of only those with parasitic
infestations quickly grew into the wholesale slaug-ter of
the go-ernment and the upper class.

The American revolution:

In the colonies, illu-antus supported the revolutionary
However the alliance did not want to set up another puppet
go-ernment as they had in the past. So this time they set up
a go-ernment specifically designed to be difficult to takeover
through infestation. And it worked relatively well. (in
fact it is still working to some extent, no one can take
complete control of the U.S. But the cost, of course, is to
the people because the govern-ent was designed to be resistant
to takeover, not to run efficiently.)
During the -ar the alliance assured support for the colonies
by sending French reinforcements. The empire tried to lend
support to the British but it was to no avail.

The defeat of the English here, and the liberation of the
royal family of parasitic infestation by the illumina-i in
1791 began the breakdown of the British empire.

The Russian revolution:

In Russia the alliance lost control of the gove-nment when
the Russian royal family was infested. The Czar of Russia
became infested. To combat this the alliance supported Lenin
in a gove-nment coup. The alliance didn't take direct control
of Russia, but instead set up allied advisors to the comm-nist
party. Russian domestic affairs were left to the Russians.

Russia founded the K-B shortly afterward as an organization
specifically designed to hunt down infested individuals and
dispose of them.


Utilizing an assa-sination as a scapegoat, conflict erupted
between alliance and empire controlled countries in the middle
east. And in turn brought allied countries into both sides
of the wa-. The empire started WWI to test the capabilities
of the alliance in preparation for WWII. They were able to use
gov-rnment puppets to make conditions perfect for the
introduction of a new A-yan leader. They chose Adolph Hitler,
a young convict with a very high IQ. While he was in jail the
Ary-ns smuggled in a parasite and Hitler himself became a host
for parasitic infestation. He made plans in jail until his
release. During this time the empire set up the beginnings of
the National soc-alist party (nazi party).

Upon Hitler's release he found the party ready for him to take
control and begin a new campaign for the empire. He began by
rounding up He-rews because they had been strong allies to the
alliance in the past. (and because many of them were wealthy
and the money taken from them would be useful) He then expanded
to other minorities the empire considered to be a threat. With
imperial support Hitler began his attempts to recover any and all
empire and Grey technology on terra.
He was unsuccessful in his attempts to recover the ark and the
chalice, however.
The nazi party continued to expand its power throughout

The Chinese Revolution:

In the 1930's the Alliance turned back to Asia. This time
the assisted in the comm-nist revolt there. With alliance
support the Chinese people successfully retook there
go-ernment from empire control.


On the other side of the world the empire was working to take
control of Japan.
The emperor himself was infested, as well as his advisors.
With Japan under control the empire opened up direct
communication with officials form Germany and Japan.
The empire sent ships to terra in preparation for an all out

The alliance immediately requested reinforcements from the
Greys. The Greys sent one ship. They could not send more than
that unfortunately because of domestic problems on the Grey
homeworld.. The empire had launched an all out offensive against
the Greys back home to weaken their defenses here.

The alliance lent any and all support to the allied powers to
defeat the nazis, and drive back the empire. In Germany the
empire lent support to German scientists.
Alliance agents were sent to Germany to attempt to inhibit
imperial influence.
The alliance temporarily repealed its policy of secrecy. Grey
fighters fought in air battles over Europe. Many were seen
fighting along side allied pilots.

The airmen who saw them called then "foo-fighters" And Grey
patrol ships began to monitor the Americas for signs of imperial
influence. The alliance set up illu-inatus in the US go-ernment
to give them an edge in monitoring any imperial interference.
And the alliance sent people to investigate many claims

The alliance utilized illum-natus in the US go-ernment to
set up the C-A for the express purpose of finding and dealing
with infestations. In Russia the KG- was set up for the same

After the war ended Stalin was infested with imperial support
began his own take over. The goal this time however was to take
over resources and an adequate buffer zone for rebuilding an

Operation Maj-stic 12:

After WWII a wide spread infestation of the Grey gove-nment
was uncovered. In light of this disturbing news the alliance sent
an envoy to meet with the American Indians (descendants of
original Atlantean colonies in the Americas, and allies during
the American revolution)
The envoy ship was involved in a fire fight with an imperial
ship and went down over Roswell new Mexico. The Illumi-atus
on board and the surviving ambassadors managed to escape from
the wreckage.

However, The pilot and one of the ambassadors died in the
crash. They were left with the wreckage and recovered by the
Uni-ed States Mil-tary. It was later found that they had been
infested, which explained why they had neglected to keep the
vessel from showing up on radar)

When the milit-ry showed up to investigate the crash They
found Alexander Xanatos among the other survivors. Because of
this discovery official contact was made between the U-ited
states Gov-rnment and the Alliance. It was decided that a
joint venture would be undertaken by both groups to keep tabs
on imperial activities.
A Parent organization called Maje-tic 12 was created and put
in control of the -IA and other intelligence organizations.
Tru-an signed an executive order in 1947 giving Maj-stic total


Now that the empire once again had its hands on Russia, it
began its largest scale infestation campaign in history. The
alliance supported French forces in Vietnam against guerrilla
forces led by infested agents, at the same time supporting
"clean" guerrilla forces against infested U.S. forces.
Meanwhile the empire supported infested forces on both
capitalist and comm-nist sides against alliance supported
forces. Both sides simultaneously used fear of commu-ism, and
procommunist activities as a cover for their operations in
different countries. the ensuing mess lasted for many years and
cost heavy terran casualties.

After Stalin died the empire elected no longer to support the
soviet union. And it began to quickly deteriorate. Russia's
resources had been used for weapons for and offensive that
would never come. Without the support of the empire Russia
could no longer feed its people.

Destruction of the Alliance council:

In the late Seventies the empire managed to sec-etly take
control of the CI-.
Shortly after there was an alliance meeting in which every
major head of the Alliance was in attendance. The heads of
every major Alliance Clan were there. The C-A provided the
security for the council meeting and the imperial forces

For the first time all of the alliance leaders were k-lled
at the same time effectively destroying the council.

Present day:

Today the Alliance has been reformed under a new Queen. The
Bavarian Ill-minati, as well s a few of the other original
clans, and a few newly formed clans have signed a new charter
called the Principa Novus Ordo Seclorum. The Alliance is
engaged in active recruiting and is seeking to re-enlist the
help of other former Alliance controlled groups.


(JW Let's hope that some or most of this information given
is the truth and something good will come from all of it.)

Part 5 of 5.

John Winston.
Subject: Cosmic Instruction Manual. Part 5. Mar. 15, 2007.

I am enjoying reading all of this. Most of it I already know
but it is nice to have it explained in such a funny fashion.

.................................................. ...............
.................................................. ...............

We could go on redefining your language forever because, at
the moment, there is very little agreement between us, except
on words like dog and cat (and even there the agreement is
minor). Since philology is not the primary intent of this manual
or this mission, we will leave the matter of meaning at this
point, knowing that your language is about to change organically
as the natural consequences of the imminent change in your

Transmutational Procedure


Step I:
In Rome, Do as the Romans
Upon arrival on the Earth plane, your instructions were to
completely fall asleep just like the local population. You
were to totally forget your true identity and everything you
Since most of you entered as babies, this was not
difficult. Every institution in the culture supported this
memory loss, and it became easier as the years went on. Any
inadvertent slips on your part most likely occurred during
childhood and were easily dismissed as the result of an
overactive imagination.
Since imagination threatens the dysfunctionality of this
world, it was probably drummed out of you as soon as possible
by the adult inhabitants of the planet. What your parents
were unable to suppress, the school systems most likely made
short work of, as this is their specialty. In this manner,
the local planetary inhabitants unwittingly assisted in
maintaining the se-recy of your presence and the sec-rity of
the mission.

Step II:
In Rome, Do as the Arcturians.


Step II of the transmutational process cannot begin until the
successful completion of Step I. In short, you must be able to
pass for a local, and you are not allowed to just fake it.
Total dysfunctionality must be achieved before Step II can
When extraterrestrial inc-rnates on mission to Planet Earth
finally arrive at the point where they are no longer able to
demand water they can drink, food they can eat, or air they can
breathe without ki-ling themselves, they are to understand that
Step I of the mission has been successfully completed. The
incar-ates have truly become Earthlings, and Step II may now

Coming Out of the Closet
You may dimly recall the saying, In Rome, do as the Arcturians.
If not, donít strain your memory. Even if you do remember, the
humor of it may not be immediately evident. That catchy little
intergalactic saying was coined to capture the essence of Step
II of the transmutational procedure. That procedure entails
waking up to your true identity and forgetting everything you
learned up until this point so that you can remember what you
actually knew before you got here. In other words, you are to
junk the entire identity you just spent a lifetime laboriously
creating. Now do you see why we say the humor may escape you?

All Roads Lead Away from Rome

Yes, you understood the preceding entry correctly. You are to
disengage yourself from your old identity and dissociate from a
declining Rome. After falling asleep profoundly, you are now
expected to wake up, equally profoundly.
Now is the time to dismantle all false identity. Now is the
time to forget that which has been learned in deference to that
which is deeply known. Now begins the awesome process of
altering human history. Now is the time for everything, and now
is here.
(Refer to

Time/Space Anomalies and Their Physical Functions.

In this section for further clarification on now. Also see
Passing for Wh-te and Closet Cases in Troubleshooting for some
precautionary instructions about this emerging consciousness.)

Gentle Reminder

Some of you are probably wondering why such a torturous
route was chosen to get to the desired destination. The reason
you are wondering this is because you have been on this planet
too long and have absorbed some, if not all, of its
dysfunctional thinking. Keep in mind that this planet is no
model for rational thought and that what passes for sanity
here is sending chills down the spine of the remainder of the
The need to absorb the dysfunctionality of the planet is in
order to legitimately disarm its patterns. Any other method
would constitute an inva-ion, and we do not inv-de. We alter
by earning the right to do so. No entity is permitted to
enter an alien world and disarm its dysfunctional patterns
without having lived them. That is in compliance with
Universal Law, which we represent.
Although we have had transmissions from many of you,
screaming, Invade already. Just get me out of here!, we
regretfully remind you that that is not what you signed up
for. Getting out of here is not the point. Getting more light
into here is. Remember?

Interesting Facts


Pre-encoded Activation
The seeded entities that comprise this mission were
pre-encoded to awaken at this time. That means that their
DNA structures were genetically designed to go off, like time
bo-bs, at a designated moment in order to accommodate more
light that the current human model was prepared to entertain.
The time for genetic detonation is now.

Time/Space Anomalies and Their Physical Functions

The Dimensional Shift:
Time/space anomalies are being experienced on your planet
at this moment. Most people have the nagging sense that there
isnít as much time as there used to be. This is usually
expressed as, My, isnít time flying! The reason for this
sensation of less time is because there is less time.
In order for a dimensional shift to occur, time is collapsing
to create a new dimensional space. Conversely, space is
collapsing to create a new dimensional time. In other words, the
time/space relationship that determines your third-dimensional
reality is up for grabs.
Now is an actual event. It does not refer simply to living in
the present, although that is strongly recommended. A time warp
is truly occurring and will continue to accelerate until now is
fully reached, and the dimensions can finally interface, much
like a ship docking in a spaceport at a predetermined moment.
Now there is more now than there was even a few months ago,
and even more now is on the way. When Mission Control or any of
its alliance members state the time is now, we are reminding
you of your genetic agreement as well as being literal.

The Genetic Shift:

Another interesting aspect of this anomaly is that your
DNA codes were set to go off now before you left. As you may
have noticed, that did not occur at your birth, or at any
other time, until now. Even though you have lived through
many nows, you have not yet lived through this one. The
genetic shift is triggered by now to accommodate more now,
and the degree of your awakening is in direct relation to
the degree of now that you are experiencing because now
determines that awakening.
In an emergency situation, now can be brought about
instantaneously and all DNA codes activated simultaneously.
This is a bit like calling up the reserves, and we would
rather not use this method if possible. A more organic
approach is preferred.
(Please see

Emergency Procedure
Troubleshooting for more information.)


As the transmutation of genetic structure unfolds throughout
the planet, your pre-encoded genetic program willactivate. For
a time, you will groggily begin the process of deprogramming
from the old systems. Your identity will begin its march out
of the third dimension while your personality and ego may be
more inclined to cling to a sinking ship.
As the old programs of a dy-ng world begin to unravel, you
may experience a little discomfort, such as your entire world
falling apart. It may be useful during this transition to
remember that you are an interdimensional master who is an
expert at transmuting crumbling realities. You have done this
many times before.


All that you have endured during your residency on Planet
Earth is extremely valuable to Mission Control. What interests
us is not the information concerning the nature and effect of
human dysfunctionality. If that were all we wanted, we could
have just as easily read a newspaper. However, the fact that you
endured human denial of great importance. Why? Because, as you
transmute, all the dysfunctional patterns that you have
willingly taken on will transmute with you.
Although you may not recall, you agreed to do this to assist
the Earth in her birthing process into the light. The nature
of the agreement was that you would willingly transmute the
denial you have borne, who you have been erroneously told you
are, and all that you have come to humanly represent. You agreed
to transmute all this into the very fabric that is to become
the new garment of a transfigured world. Consequently, your
debriefing process is very dear to us because it is a sa-red

Part 5.

John Winston.
Subject: Michael X. Barton. Mar. 16, 2007.

In about 1965 I had the priviledge to listen to Michael X.
Barton give a lecture at the "San Antonio Street College Of
Metaphysics Enquiry". Machael was a very small man and was
well dressed.
After the lecture I asked in private what the X. meant in
his name. He said that it was in respect to Christ.
Later on I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wallace Halsey's
beautiful wife by the name of Tarna Halsey.
(JW My guru and teacher once told me that Wallace and his
wife were at the "Giant Rock UFO Convention" and Wallace
was talking and walking around with a space man who looked
like a regular Earth person. Tarna came up and told them
that she was going to take a picture of both of them
together. The space person told Tarna that if she took a
picuture of them then his picture wouldn't show on the
picture. This was due to the fact that they had been talking
about very high vibrational thoughts that his picture
wouldn't show up. Tarna then said, "I have a very good
camera and I'll be able to get your picture". She took the
picture and the space person couldn't be seen. He then
tried to tell her that he had told her what had happened.
Later on Tarna came back to her husband and the space person
told Tarna that she could take their picture and he would
be able to be seen on the picture. She then took another
picture and the space person came out on the picture
because they had been talking about normal things.
I later had an interview with Tarna and she said that she
had demonstated to a friend that she could become invisible
to a camera. She was able to do this with her friend.
She in a previous life was from Venus. She later became
the wife of "The Crusher" who was a retired wresler. The
"Crusher" was on the radio at times with Herb Jepko on his
telephone talk show coming from Salt Lake City. Here is some
information that was sent to me by the Con-piracy Journal.)

.................................................. ............
.................................................. ............

"Co-spiracy Journal at"
Cons-iracy Journal
The Incredible Search for Dr. Halsey By Sean Casteel
With Original Material by Michael X Barton.
In 1965, renowned researcher and author, Michael X.
Barton, began a quest to find the remains of one of his
dearest friends, Dr. Wallace Halsey. A respected UFO and
occult researcher himself, Dr. Halsey had disappeared two
years earlier while flying a small plane from Logan, Utah to
Sunset Beach, California. Along with his flying companion,
Harry Ross, Halsey was presumed dead but, since no bodies or
wreckage had ever been found, Halsey's widow could not
collect the much-needed life insurance monies until seven
years had passed.
This is one of the things that gave Barton a sense of prove for legal reasons that Halsey and Ross had,
indeed, di-d in a plane crash enroute to California. But
there was soon an added dimension that spurred Michael Barton
onward. He began to receive strange messages through which
the spi-it of Halsey seemed to be leading him to the exact
location where the wreckage and bodies could be found!
What follows is an inspiring story of courage, both
physical and psy-hic, as Michael Barton ventures into the
desert and mountains beyond, with the sp-rits of the dead
and an aerial display of UFOs as his guide!
text of Michael X. Bartonís 1965 book on the spir-tual

Gone Forever in the Blink of an Eye is only $--.00 bold
$-.00 for shipping) and if you order, we will throw in for
the audio CD - Tim Be-kley as Mr Creepo reads Tales of
the Unknown and Unexplained.
So don't delay, be the first kid on the block to own this
fantastic book and get your free audio CD as well.


Making Their Way in the World of Gnomes "Photo Sharing".
Grandmas everywhere own a coffee-table book called "Gnomes,"
perhaps our culture's most revered account of the mystical
forest creatures. The book, first published 30 years ago and
aimed at the toddler set, illuminates the child-rearing,
dietary and fashion habits of the pointy-hatted people. But
it glosses over at least one important detail, a bit of
information that could help endear the little guys to an older,
more mature audience: Gnomes love chicken wings and beer.
At least according to a couple of guys who recently took
their gnomes to The Cheesecake Factory for supper.
Christian von Lahr and Christopher Valentine work in a
different realm than you and I -- that is, they communicate
with de-d people, as well as gnomes, leprechauns and fairies.
Last weekend, they brought their extended "nature people"
family to Raleigh for the new a-e Body Mind Spi-it Expo at the
State Fairgrounds. Aside from private readings, in which the
men worked to communicate with the d-ad on behalf of
customers, they held a lecture and peddled their books, which
include one called "Seeing and Sensing Gnomes." The men say
that in writing the book, they simply ch-nneled what the
gnomes wanted them to get across. Their lecture's promotion
included the promise of tips on seeing the gnomes in your own
life, and with that, about 30 people gathered in the back of
the Kerr Scott Building to hear it. Von Lahr began the
presentation by asking how many in the audience sensed gnomes,
leprechauns and fairies, all of which fall under the broad
category of "nature people." Maybe six or seven raised their
hands. Nature people, he said, are of our physical plane. One
needn't have any special powers to see them. "We can all
see them if we want to," he said. "They are absolutely real."
And they want to be involved with your life. Have you ever
misplaced car keys, only to find them later in the exact
place where you thought they should be, a place where you had
already looked? That was leprechauns, teasing you a little.
"Nature people are not goldfish," he said in advocating
communication with them. "You don't put them in a bowl and just
look at them." Later, von Lahr had Valentine stand against a
He inhaled and exhaled a bit, and then von Lahr pointed to a
spot against the wall, a few inches above Valentine's shoulder.
Do you see that?
It's an elf. A couple of audience members nodded when asked
if they saw a blue blur near his shoulder. I saw only the wall.
Soon, Valentine was waving his hand above his head, helping
people to try and see the uni-orn that had appeared there.
Again, I got only the wall. But Deb Doug-erty of Clayton saw
something unusual, namely, the horn of a unico-n above
Valentine's head. Why do some see u-icorns where others see a
wall? "If you open your heart," she said, "you can see all
of it." After the lecture, von Lahr and Valentine stepped
outside for a chat. The men, who are partners in business as
well as life, live in Piney Creek, about 45 miles northeast
of Boone. They relocated not long ago from south Florida
because their nature family, well, enjoys nature. Von Lahr,
57, said that everyone is accompanied by at least two gnomes
at all times. Because he and Valentine are more attuned than
most to the nature people around them, the men have thousands
of gnomes and leprechauns in their lives. Most people don't
see them, von Lahr said, "because of peer pressure growing up.
You're told not to believe the things you see." For
example, kids are discouraged from having imaginary friends.
Valentine, 37, said they took the whole family to the
Cheesecake Factory at Crabtree Valley Mall, where the wings
are a favorite of the gnomes. But don't be confused. The
foot-tall gnomes don't usually leave tiny teeth marks in the
chicken. Rather, they feed on the "etheric" energy surrounding
the wings.
The men encourage those who want a connection with nature
people to set out food for them, but more often than not, one
shouldn't expect any to be missing, even after a gnome feast.
"When they put out milk for them," Valentine said, "they
shouldn't be upset when they still see it out the next day,
because the nature people have enjoyed it thoroughly." Kind
of like my conversation with the gnome-knowers.
Source: The News Observer

John Winston
Subject: Halsey's Body Found. Mar. 18, 2007.

I had always wondered if Dr. Walllace's body had ever been
found. The following information was taken from the material
put out by Dan Fry and it's says that he was found.

.................................................. ............
.................................................. ............


It will, no doubt, be of considerable interest to the many
friends of the late Dr. Wallace Carey Halsey to know that his
mortal remains have been found, amid the wreckage of his
plane, missing since March 27, 1963. On that date, he and the
pilot, Harry Cleveland Ross of Seal Beach, California, took
off in stormy weather from the Logan Cache Airport, in
Northern Utah. Their destination was Meadowlark Airport,
which Ross managed, 30 miles south of Los Angeles.
The following account is taken, essentially verbatim, from
the associated Press Wire Service, under a November 3rd,
1976, dateline: "...The light plane, a Piper Trepacer, was
refueled at ****ord, Utah, but never made it to the next
refueling stop at Las Vegas. The wreckage with the skeletal
remains of the two men was found by deer hunter Larry
Tan-son of St. George, Utah, Saturday, October 30, at the
9,000 foot level of a mountain in the Grass Valley area,
25 miles north of St. George.
"Sheriff Evan Whitehead said it was in a rough setting,
covered by undergrowth, a person 50 feet away could not
have seen it. Ross, 48, was identified from his wallet, and
Ross' daughter told Whitehead the other passenger was Halsey,
"Mrs. (Tarna L.) Halsey, of Smithfield, Utah, who has five
children, said she is trying to contact her husband's
relatives, many of whom she has lost track of, and is trying
to decide where to bury the remains."
It might be noted that the plane and its two occupants were
thus found 13 years and seven months after their apparently
mysterious disappearance. A detailed account of the known
facts surrounding the incident, and the efforts to solve
the mystery of the unknown, is graphically related in the
monograph The Incredible Search For Dr. Halsey, by Michael
X. Barton, published by Futura Press in 1965, but which is
now out of print. It was my privilege to be associated with
Michael in a number of search trips, which he initiated,
over a period of some years, but these efforts to find the
lost were not destined to be successful.
Dr. Halsey will be remembered by those of us who knew him
or heard him speak, as an eloquent platform speaker, who
appeared before many new a-e conventions in the 50s and
early 60s, and who held talks and classes at his home in the
Los Angeles area. He was a close student of scr-pture, which
he interpreted with cosmic and prophetic insight. He is
remembered as brilliant, ebullient, dynamic, perceptive, and
persuasive; a friendly, magnetic personality. Dr. Halsey was
a cousin of Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey, and served in
Naval communications under his command in WWII.
Dr. Halsey's views and teachings, as given in his writings
and lectures, were compiled by Michael X. Barton in the
large monograph Cosmic End Time Secrets, published by Futura
Press, 1965. This work is also out of print.

John Winston.
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