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1 2nd April 05:47
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Default 94 camaro wont turn over no spark

i have a 94 camaro that when you turn the key , it wont turn over ,
dash gages and headlights work but nothing else happens , i ran a wire
to the starter from inside the car , and it turns over , but i have no
spark , it does have a viper alarm in it , but i have a remote to it .
and when turn the key to start it , even though its not turing over ,
the crank switch starts to smoke and get super hot within secs, any
idea ?
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2 2nd April 05:47
gratt via
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Default 94 camaro wont turn over no spark

your car has an anti-theft system called V.A.T.S your key should have a
little pellet in it. yes??
If so your problem is more than likely to do with that. V.A.T.S not only
disables the crank, it also has a fuel disable feature function.
If you dont want to mess a round with your V.A.T.S you can buy an after
market mem-cal for your e.c.m. that eliminates Vehicle Anti-Theft System.
Just google memcal non v.a.t.s.

G. Ratliff

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