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1 23rd May 13:30
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Default 1997 Blazer Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

I have a 1997 S-Blazer. I bought it used a couple years ago, and the
ignition lock has always been tricky.

It used to be that all I had to do was take the key out and turn it over if
I couldn't turn it, either to start the car or to turn on the accessories.

Now, an additional problem has developed. When I go to shut off the engine,
more than half of the time, the key won't turn all the way back, so that the
key isn't released. It's not a huge problem, I just carry another key in
case it gets stuck so that I can lock the doors and leave the one in the

My question is: Has anyone ever replaced the lock cylinder in the steering
column of a similar vehicle? I've replaced the cylinder in the drivers door
of my 1994 K1500, and that was pretty easy. The dealership keyed it off of
my VIN so it would match the other door. I'm just not sure about taking
the whole steering column apart to get the old cylinder out and the new one
in. Any good online references about this sort of thing?

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2 23rd May 21:36
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Default 1997 Blazer Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

Yeah, We do it all the time, as I am a locksmith.
It's not hard to do, pretty straight forward.

Let me know how it goes, or if you need help.

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