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1 25th May 03:38
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Default 1999 GMC Seirra, Chevy Silverado, ABS light on, pump short circuit

OK Guys
Having problems with the ABS pump on Chevy Silverado, Sierra...
Check with your dealer, it may be under warranty because abs systems
have a longer warranty. If not they will try to sell you a $500 ABS

ABS light on. Code is ABS pump circuit short/open

Two wires connected to the abs motor badly corroded. Red and a black

Floor jack
13mm wrench
8mm wrench
Large flat head screw driver
Solder gun/solder/flux

1. Locate ABS pump. Below drivers door behind frame rail you will see
a ABS pump. It has all the brake lines going to one side of it.

2.Remove the bracket that holds the ABS pump. The bracket is healed on
buy three 13mm bolts (head facing the outside part of the frame.
Gently pry the abs pump towards the center of the truck. Now pry the
abs bracket off the abs pump. This can be tricky, you will need to pry
and pull to get it off. Be sure not to kink brake lines!!!

2.With the bracket off the abs pump, disconnect the plug that runs to
the motor. Remove the ABS motor. The abs motor is round and black and
is healed in by two 8mm bolts. It is located at the opposite side of
the brake lines. The 8mm can strip easy so have a good 5/16 socket
handy. Now the motor will slide out.

3.Have a good look at the two wires (red black) connected to the pump.
They should be corroded(green). This is where your problem is!!! Note
where the red/black wires go on the pump because you will have to
disconnect and solder the wires back on the same post. To fix it, you
have to brake the ceramic coding off the wires, just at the end closes
to the motor. Brake the ceramic by Squeezing the ceramic with pliers
or cutters. Do not cut right threw!!! You will see the copper post
that you have to solder your wires too.

4.Soder the two wires to the proper post. I used liquid tape to
insolate the wires. You can also use silicone. Put everything back
together. That's it your done!

e-mail or call
Any questions you can contact me at
Laurie Osmond
Halifax NS
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2 25th May 06:38
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Default 1999 GMC Seirra, Chevy Silverado, ABS light on, pump short circuit

Since when does ABS have a longer warranty period then
the normal 3 year/60k klm?

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