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1 6th July 08:13
andy beals
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Default 2004 Silverado Fuel Filter

Earlier this year, at 30,000 miles, as my service manual states, I went to
change the fuel filter on my truck, and discovered that it was not in the
location where the filter has been on Chevy trucks since at least 1998, and
probably several years before that. Writing it off due to a long weekend, I
sort of forgot about it till a couple of months ago, when I saw the filter
that I had purchased, from the part number listed in the owners manual, and
went to change it at one of my frequent oil changes, to again discover the
filter was not there. So I scheduled an appointment at my dealership, where
the service manager, almost laughed at me, knowing that I perform all of my
own service. So I take it in, and the mechanic, being a hot shot, and
stating that he had changed hundreds of these, grabbed some wrenches, a
filter, and walked over to the truck as it was being lifted, only to
discover the same thing I had, no fuel filter. After 2-1/2 hours, for
service techs, and three supposed calls to GM, they tell me that 2003's had
one, 04's and up don't. Have a nice day.

Well it seems funny that the owners manual calls for one, the mechanics all
thought it has one, even the dealerships parts book has a number listed.

In short just wondering if anyone else's 2004 truck doesn't have a fuel
filter. Better yet would like to know if the 03 owners and 05 owners have

The truck is 2004 1/2 ton extended cab Z-71 with 5.3 liter


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2 6th July 14:33
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Default 2004 Silverado Fuel Filter

The filter is part of tank module, I believe only the 2500 and 3500 have one

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3 6th July 14:33
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Default 2004 Silverado Fuel Filter

In 04 they changed to a lifetime fuel filter that is in the tank and not
They change the entire fuel delivery system. The fuel is no longer
constantly recirculated.
Although the actual fuel usage would be the same. I guess this means a lot
less volume though the filter.
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