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1 6th March 14:43
External User
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Default 2006 Malibu: LS vs. LT

Hi all.

Since I bought a Classic I've been looking into the world of Malibus in
general. There is almost no chance I will be in the market for one, at
least anytime soon, but I've been checking out the 2006 Malibu.

My question is: Why the heck is the LT trim priced $1,360 (MSRP) more
than the base trim LS? As far as I can see, the only difference is
bigger wheels. There are more options available for the LT, but the
difference in the MSRP between the two trims is puzzling.

Chevy is now offering Malibu LS as part of its Red Tag Sale event, for
$16K+. I'm sure there are hidden costs in there, as with all such
deals, but even so, if I had a tad more money and had not just bought
the Classic I might be tempted....

Anyone have the scoop on this?

Thanks and regards,
Eric M
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2 6th March 19:12
john sheatsley
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Default 2006 Malibu: LS vs. LT

From GM's site:

LT 0LT MSRP* $19,350.00

Features shown below are addition to, or in place of LS features:
Seat controls: driver, manual-adjustable lumbar support
Seats: front bucket, reclining with adjustable head restraints in Custom
Wheels: 16-inch, fascia-spoke painted, Sterling Silver

So the differences are: addition of lumbar support , Custom Cloth, and
bigger wheels. Note
that there are three levels of LT trim (0LT, 1LT, and 2LT) with increasingly
prices and differences from the base model.

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3 6th March 19:12
External User
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Default 2006 Malibu: LS vs. LT

Thanks, John. That makes it a bit easier to understand---but it's still
not worth $1,360 more, I think.....ERM
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