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1 3rd August 00:09
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Default FA: Frank's "Million Mile" 1991 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Associated Press - A northern Wisconsin man is still
driving his 1991 Chevrolet Silverado that's traveled more
than 1 million miles.

For the second time, Frank Oresnik said Monday he failed to
sell what he calls his "old girl" during a 10-day auction
on eBay.

He said there were bidders this time - six "in excess of
$20,000" - but none met his minimum demand of $30,000.

"I am not going to put it on eBay again. I think it will be
the butt of jokes," he said, claiming that on Internet
forums he has been accused of wearing a hair piece in the
picture with the truck...
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