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1 25th July 11:13
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Default fuel pump gurgling

Ok, dropped the tank on my truck tonight to replace a rubber hose that
keeps getting pinched shut every so often. So before I drop it, I take
7 gallons out(I had run it as low as I dared with a gm gas gauge).
Drop the tank, replace the line, put it back up. Dump the 7 gallons
back in.

Go to start it, and the pump makes a weird gurgling/sloshing sound
along with the normal pump whine. Pump didn't sound overworked or
anything. Truck won't start. No fuel. Even unhooked it at the filter
to see. Almost sounds like a waterfall inside the tank. Is there a
pickup tube I could've cracked? I know I have to drop the tank again,
but just figured I'd ask if anyone has heard this before.

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2 25th July 11:14
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Default fuel pump gurgling

Well the tank came back down and the lil hose connecting the pump
itself to the assembly had a clamp pop. Stupid clamps :-).

On another note, I've had the pleasure of dropping this tank a few
times now by myself and I think I finally figured out the best
way(those who could care less stop reading now )

Usually I try and use a floor jack but the tank is so long that it's
hard to balance, I try a piece of 2x6 on top of the jack but then you
block the straps. It's hard as heck to do by yourself. So last night
when i put it back up i tried something different and it was much much

What I did was simply to gather a bunch of pcs of 6x6, 4x4, 2x4
whatever was layin around. Then lift up one end slide a pc under,
repeat on other side until you get it high enough to hook up
hoses/wires. This was way easier and I didn't knock it off once unlike
the jack where that always happens a few times and incurs a lot of
swearing. Anyway I know this is no genius idea, but it helped me so
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