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1 19th August 10:40
charlie dog
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Default Trailblazer Headlight

Sorry if this is redundant but I have a question about removing the
headlight from an '03 trailblazer so I can change the bulb. Is there a way
to access the light without removing the grill? Either way does anyone know
of a website that explains how to get in there?


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2 19th August 12:01
steve w.
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Default Trailblazer Headlight

Open the hood. On the drivers side look down on the back side of the
radiator support for a large plastic cover the size of a soda can
bottom. Grab that cover and pry it off. You can also use a thin
screwdriver to pry it loose. Reach in through the hole to release the
ring and remove the bulb. On the passenger side you will need to remove
the air filter cover to get to the low beam bulb. Three screws and it
comes out so you can get to the rubber cover.

DON'T touch the new bulbs glass with your skin.

Steve W.
Near Cooperstown, New York

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