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1 8th June 06:00
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Default 1999 Suburban starting problem

I own a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban C1500 with the 5.7 Vortec engine.
Occassionally when I try to start this vehicle it starts and conks out
after about 3 seconds. After turning the ignition swith off and back
on the engine only starts for a brief moment and then acts as if the
fuel is starved and cuts off again. Cranking the engine after this
achieves the same results. If I leave the vehicle for three or four
hours and then return and try to start, the problem often does not
present again. The vehicle will start and run fine. I have tried a
few rudamentary troubleshooting procedures. I have tapped on the fuel
tank while trying to start, nothing. I have kept the vehicle full of
fuel and close to empty to try and get some trend to show, nothing. It
does not seem to be affected by the heat or cold. The fuel pump is
very loud, but that has been the case since I purchased it new. It
does not pop any codes and the check engine light never comes on. It
will often go for months without presenting any problem. In fact it
has been about three months since it did this. I bow to the guru's for
help. Dan
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2 8th June 06:00
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Default 1999 Suburban starting problem

Dan, Try starting with the simple things first. Check the filters. Fuel
or air. I'm thinking mostly the fuel filter. The fuel injection is most
likely not getting enough pressure to run the system. Also I've learned
that if your filter is partially plugged (Like with moisture). It may
not act up all the time. I don't know if that is it for certain. But
it's an inexpensive place to start. May also want to try some cleaner
through the fuel after you change the filter. A plugged up injector can
also reak havick. But just with what your saying I'd bank on the
filter. That's my two cents anyway!
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3 3rd August 21:00
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Default Re: 1999 Suburban starting problem

We have the same starting issue. We replaced 2 fuel pumps, many fuel filters. Called a radio talk show, Leon Kaplan car expert. He suggested it was a bad fuel pressure regulator. We will take to the shop this week. Rick
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