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1 7th June 19:43
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Default 01 Malibu LS - CAL ERR

Getting old now it seems
It has been about 6 yrs now i have owned this car.
First the starting problem the the ac light flicker and now this
Since i started getting this starting problem about 2 weeks back now i
notice that when i turn the switch NO the radio display indicates "CAL
ERR" and after few seconds everything returns to normal and it plays
normal and does all things it is supposed to do the staion name time

As per the manual when u get this on diaplsy return to the Authorised
service center Audio systems needs to be calibrated...

What the hell does that mean ?

Does anyone have similar issues ? Does not bother me now but am afraid
what will be next.
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2 7th June 19:43
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Default 01 Malibu LS - CAL ERR

Have you replaced the car's battery yet?
Weak battery's, dirty terminals or battery not fully charged will cause all
kinds of weird problems in a modern computerized car.
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3 7th June 19:43
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Default 01 Malibu LS - CAL ERR

If this radio has a CD player, the CAL ERR could be referring to a
calibration problem with the laser. The first thing I would try is running
a CD lens cleaner through it. If that doesn't help, you may either have to
take it in for service or replace it with aftermarket or OEM equipment.

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4 7th June 19:43
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Default 01 Malibu LS - CAL ERR

It all started a week or so back when i had to jumstart the first time.
After that every alternate day and for past few days everyday.
Wierd thing is if i jumpstart in morning and go to work and evening it
starts fine no problems.
If i jumpstart in the evning for some reason it starts fine in the
morning !

As suggested by the folks here and else where i changed the battery
yesterday evening with kirkland type 5 grp 75 ( for 01 Malibu ) $45+tax
from costco.(36 mths free replacement and 100 mths limited warranty,
did not care to chk abt limited warranty but will chk back)
Don't know if it is strange the original ACDelco battery had a eye
(hydrometer) as per manual if it is green then battery is good if it is
dark then need battery change. mine was green.

Still have the CAL ERR but the starting problem has gone for now. Guess
it is because the new battery.

Tried to call Chevrolet and take my chances to chk the battery as the
battery said 6yr but when landed on the dealer they denied and said it
is warranted only for the original 3yr/36k miles and asked $89 just to
chk and added if it is faulty they will replace the battery for free
(included in that $89+tax)

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