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1 23rd August 14:54
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Default 1994 s10 pickup heater core replace

Just got thru replacing the heater core in my 94 s10 pickup. 6 hrs.
start to finish. I read alot of Google group posts before starting
this job for the first time. Pretty straight forward. To get the dash
to swing down....loosen one bolt under each speaker cover...two bolts
under the heater duct on top of the dash. Loosen the pivot bolts on
each end of the dash. Disconnect the support bracket that attaches to
the dash right under the ashtray. Disconnect the steering column (two
nuts) and let in drop down. NOW the dashboard should be able to swing
down allowing you room the get the cover and heater core out. Not
quite. I was able to get the unit out after alot of pulling on the
dash. (put a crack across the top of the dash. no's an old
truck) Something between the steering column and the radio was hanging
up but, I couldn't find it. AFTER I finished the job, I happened to be
looking thru a manual for a 1994 chevy s10 SS pickup that I had bought
long ago. Murphy's Law.....the instructions for removing the dash
mention a bolt from the dash to the steering column support that has to
be removed. If you are going to tackle this job.....LOOK FOR THAT
BOLT !!!! All in all...not the hardest job I ever tackled. Total
time..about 6 hours. Core and a gallon of antifreeze..........$51.00
Good Luck
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