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1 14th June 00:09
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Default Swapping 350/454 - alternator bracket?

I'm swapping out my old '77 350 with a 454 from an '86 suburban.
The 454 has wide pulleys for a wide serpentine type belt on the crank,
alternator, water pump and smog pump. AC and power steering run off a
V-belt from the crank.(V groove pulley is behind the wide pulley on
the crank)

I would like to use the wider belt and pulleys but I don't want to
install the smog pump.

Question #1:
Can I get a shorter belt to run the alternator & water pump?

The alternator and smog pump bracket is one large piece.
I'm not installing a smog pump and was wondering if the brackets from
an older, none serpentine type belt will work.

Question #2:
Will the brackets from an older style alternator fit and align the
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2 14th June 00:09
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Default Swapping 350/454 - alternator bracket?

Unknown as there was no option for with out air pump in 87, and the 7.4
wasnt available in 86.
More than likely yes you can , but its going to be trial and eror to find the right one

No use the all in one bracket and leave the air pump off. Thats the way GM
did it on many vehicles.

No, I doubt it. You might be able to shim it but......why not look at
moving up the newer style alternator, they put out amperage, weigh a bit
less, and over all just do a better job of running everything and keeping a
battery charged.

You leave us to assume the vehicle recieving the engine is a 77, but it
would be nice to know for sure.
Also dont forget your going to need to replace the front springs, and if the
ball joints have been around awhile I would replace them as well as the
shocks. Lot more weight going to be on the nose.

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