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1 25th March 08:09
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Default 20 Reasons to SMOKE (tobacco)

20 Reasons to keep on smoking, or to start smoking

Personal health
1. Smoking protects against Parkinson disease.
2. Smoking improves human information processing.
3. Higher nicotine cigarettes produce greater improvements [in information
processing] than low-nicotine cigarettes.
4. Nicotine can reverse the detrimental effects of scopolamine on
5. Smoking effects are accompanied by increases in EEG arousal and
decreases in the latency of the late positive component of the evoked
6. Smokers in general are thinner than nonsmokers, even when they ingest
more calories.
7. "...All smokers had less plaque, gingival inflammation and tooth
mobility than nonsmokers and similar periodontal pocket depth."
8. Smokers have lower incidence of postoperative deep vein thrombosis than
9. Hypertension prevalence rate among smokers is lower than in nonsmokers.
10. "Hypertension and postpartum hemorrhage were lower in smokers."
11. "RBCs [red blood cells] from cigarette smokers contain more
glutathione and catalase and protect lung endothelial cells against O2
[dioxide] metabolites better than RBCs from nonsmokers."
12. There is a low prevalence of smoking in ulcerative colitis. The
disease often starts or relapses after stopping smoking.
13. Smokers have more reduced risks of Alzheimer's disease than non
14. Urinary cotinine concentration has confirmed the reduced risk of
preeclampsia with tobacco exposure.
15. Smoking may protect against neural tube defects.
16. Maternal smoking may hinder mother-child transmission of Helicobacter
pylori infection.
17. Research indicates that nicotine holds potential for non-surgical
heart by-pass procedures.
18. Nicotine has positive effects on cognitive performance in Down's
19. Smoking has a positive effect on inflammatory bowel disease.
20. Not ONE of the over 100 diseases attributed to smoking can be PROVEN
by sound scientific methodology to be "caused" by smoking.
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2 25th March 08:10
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Default 20 Reasons to SMOKE

You can't be serious. With all that is known about the diseases caused by
smoking today & you come up with this shit.
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3 25th March 10:03
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Default 20 Reasons to SMOKE

Apparently you didn't read number 20.

Greg T
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