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1 18th January 01:21
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Default How/When/Who started ASC & the Original FAQ (cigar cigars)

The Beginning of ASC:
Sometime in early March 1994, Rex Wockner (a homo***ual journalist),
with six-weeks of usenet experience, and apparently unaware of all the
recommended beurocratic
rigamaroll, proposed "alt.cigar-smokers" as "a forum for cigar-smokers
to discuss locating, purchasing, rating and enjoying fine cigars." He
took a load of crap from the alt.config illuminati, but the name
alt.smokers.cigars was proposed, Rex agreed and on March 9, the control
message was sent:

Path: uunet!!!!barr
From: (David Barr)
Newsgroups: alt.config
Subject: cmsg newgroup alt.smokers.cigars
Control: newgroup alt.smokers.cigars
Date: 9 Mar 1994 21:59:22 GMT
Organization: Penn State Population Research Institute
Lines: 10
Message-ID: <2llgrq$>
Xref: uunet control:875755

As discussed in alt.config, a group about cigar smoking was proposed.
This uses the existing "alt.smokers" hierarchy/group.
For your newsgroups file: alt.smokers.cigars From stogies to cubans.

ASC's Original FAQ:
Welcome to the Usenet newsgroup alt.smokers.cigars - The largest
cigar-club in the world! Here we discuss all aspects of cigar smoking -
from favorite types, to storage, to techniques. All cigar-related
discussions are welcome. There are ongoing discussions of humidors,
cutters, smoke shops, the politics of cigars, current trends, and (of
course) there's much talk of particular brands and our readers'
recommendations. This is an international forum, so don't be surprised
to see much talk about those fine smokes not even available in the US
(such as Cubans).

Are you traveling? Ask our readers about smoke shops near your
Trying a new brand? Tell our readers what you think - or ask them their
Building a humidor? Get advice from both laymen and professionals!
Whether you're a novice, or life-long smoker, alt.smokers.cigars is
here for discussions of all cigar-related issues.

Who are we? A.S.C. represents a broad cross-section of cigar smokers on
the Internet! Our regular contributors are doctors, lawyers, and other
professionals. We're college students, construction workers, and
computer geeks... Married and single, guys and gals, everybody fits
into our group. we all have the love of cigars as a common bond.

What shouldn't you post in alt.smokers.cigars??? ASC is a discussion
group... In ccordance with Usenet "netiquette", advertising is
absolutely taboo. Nothing will hurt your image more than advertising in
a discussion group - don't even think about it. One time announcements
of special events are ok, but don't get caught attempting to trick our
readers! And please don't use ASC to conduct illegal activities such as
buying or selling Cuban cigars in the U.S..

Additionally, Usenet discussion groups like ASC are not the place for
HTML posts or pictures (binaries), so please don't post images - and
make sure you're posting in plain text! If you break the rules, you can
be sure that vigilant readers will contact your Internet provider and
ask that your access be restricted. ASC is an online community. Act

Want more? You can hear about new products, brands, and all sorts of
special offers in the newsgroup alt.smokers.cigars.marketplace. This
resource was developed to give 'net advertisers a chance to tell us
about their products without disrupting the non-commercial cigar talk
in ASC. Read about the latest cigar brands, discounts, close-outs, and
special offers. ADVERTISERS ARE WELCOME in ASC.Marketplace!

Then there's the ASC clubhouse - alt.smokers.cigars.clubhouse, where
anything goes!Created just for good-natured fun, ASC readers have the
opportunity to socialize with each other in this area - to kick back
and enjoy an occasional smoke together while discussing life, love, and
the state of the universe. Heard a good joke? This is the place to
share it! As with ASC, advertising of any sort is strictly taboo in

Alternating Sig. Line:
If there's no need for ASCClubhouse....there's no need for
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