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1 12th June 13:53
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Default Newbie Review: Butera Royal Vintage (cigar cigars)

Butera Royal Vintage
Bravo Cordo 4 1/2 X 50

Lots of cool, darker flavoured smoke. This one was too short for me,
it ended before I was ready. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: CT
Filler: DR
Binder: Indonesian

A tightly wrapped cigar with some raised veining. I found the cigar
to have a nutty pre light odour to it. My first cut was a little shy,
(I tried to leave it as long as possible), but it took a second cut
and left a shear edge with no trouble. Toasting was quick and once
lit, the cigar released huge amounts of cool smoke that had a darker
taste than most other cigars I have smoked to date. A refreshing
change for sure. There was some nasal bite that I find I like when I
smoke, and the smoke seemed a little richer and darker, maybe a little
fuller to me. There was quite a bit of cedar at times with some spice
mixed in the first third, progressing towards more earthiness or
intensity and then a little floral (hints) towards the end. While
admiring the cigar during smoking I realized the band was moving
around, I hear this reveals another well aged cigar. This cigar's ash
was a fairly dark gray and flakey but it held for 2 3/4", longer than
what was left to smoke. This was supposed to a late night relaxing
smoke in the garage but once the ash had dropped I found myself
trimming some runner branches off of our Crab Apple tree in the front
yard. Talk about being transported into another dimension. I wonder
what the passerbys thought of me trimming the tree in the dark. The
only down side with this cigar was just when I was really getting into
it and truly enjoying it, my fingers warned me it was time to set it

A really nice cigar thanks Hutch.

Oh, the tree trimming actually looks good.

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2 12th June 17:32
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Default Newbie Review: Butera Royal Vintage

<snipping good review>

Been in the Fireplace-ador for about 5 years or so

YW...glad you enjoyed it. The entire line is pretty much as good. The
Fume Dolce is my personal favorite. Thanks for the review.
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3 12th June 17:32
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Default Newbie Review: Butera Royal Vintage (cigar)

Now why does that sound so frightening?

- Charlie
"I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That
is why I am in two-hundred-percent form."
- Winston Churchill
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