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1 12th June 07:29
father dale
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Default Capsule Cigar Reviews, Oct-Nov 03 (por larranaga casa blanca macanudo tobacco humidor)

These are a few of the smokes I've enjoyed (or not) in the last month or so.
I've broken them down to two categories -- break smokes and smokes.

Aristoff Cigarito: A decent medium-bodied smoke, a bit peppery for my taste.
This is a cigar that I wouldn't buy a box of, but would happily accept from
a friend after dinner (though I would hope my friends would offer me bigger
after-dinner smokes).

Casa Blanca Bonita: I go through a box or more a week. They are usually a
wonderful, smooth, easy smoke, sweet and mild. I've had a couple bad ones,
though. One SPLIT on me while I was punching it this afternoon. At a buck
apiece, though, they are terrific 15-20 minute smokes

Jose Benito Havanitos: Smell like ass. Tastes about like I would imagine ass
to taste. Not recommended.

Jose Marti Dominican Chicos: Rough for the first inch, first one I got out
unravelled as I tried to light it. More time in the humidor will tell, but I
can't honestly say I was impressed.

Macanudo Miniatures: Lew says they're machine made. I have one stuck in my
face right now. I'm going to have to save up to buy a whole wad of them at
once, because I've been to JRs in DC twice this week -- I keep smoking 'em
all. More body than the CB Bonita, done in 10 minutes. Thus far, the break
smoke of the ages. Have to hit JR's on I-77 Friday night if I can't get back
to L Street this week. Sigh.

Bock Corona, Habana 2000 wrapper:
NOTE: When I bought this, I was a cigarette smoker that occasionally smoked
pipes and cigars just for giggles. That changed when I picked one of these
up at JR's in Selma on one of my regular trips from DC to SC. I thought the
packaging was pretty, and the cigar smelled nice. At one point, I had to
pull off the road to stare at this magical thing. Complex, smooth, spicy,
alternately intense and quiet (the only words I can think of to describe it,
sorry). On the way back to DC, I picked up the $25 sampler. Next trip
through Selma, I picked up a box of Corona Minors and another sampler. I've
hooked three friends on this cigar, a bargain at 2 and a half bucks. I've
had two bad ones -- one plugged, and one that tried to disintegrate while I
was smoking it. I f****ve them. Walked home tonight so I could have time to
enjoy it in the perfect fall weather.

Bock Corona, Mexican Wrapper: I spit it out the car window before I was out
of the store parking lot.

Casa Blanca Panatella: I expected it to be a big Bonita. It wasn't. This
smoke was AMAZINGLY smooth and mild, uninteresting for the first half-inch,
really. But it has a rich, pleasant aroma and some complex undercurrents
that I could barely taste, a smoke that made me stop reading and concentrate
on it. I'm looking forward to wearing out a box of these. It is the first
big cigar other than the Bock H2k Corona that made me want to spend the
lunch money to stay in stock.

Jose Marti Robusto: A really beautiful cigar that I kept trying to put it
out, but the guy behind JR's counter, John G, kept advising me to give it a
full inch. Glad he did, because the cigar rewarded me with a really rich
taste and a bouquet that was, no other way to say it, tobacco-y. Since I
like tobacco, I smoked that one until my fingers got hot. My first
Nicaraguan, not my last. Definitely a different experience than the
Dominican stuff I usually go for.

Por Larranaga Robusto: I genuinely liked this cigar, though I can't
understand why they're so expensive. I'd reach past it for the much cheaper
Bock. It's a great $2 cigar that costs six bucks.

SRO Corona: Boys and girls, this is one beautiful cigar. Too bad it seems to
have no taste whatsoever. Sure is pretty, though.

I have some other fun stuff in the humidor that I haven't gotten to. I keep
promising myself that tonight I'm going to fire up this Genuine Counterfeit
Pre-1958, but I keep pulling it out of the humidor, admiring it, and putting
it back. Tonight may be the night....

Father Dale, RangeMaster
Guns for Nuns, inc.
A Non-Prophet Disorganization
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2 12th June 07:58
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Default Capsule Cigar Reviews, Oct-Nov 03 (macanudo forums chicos cigar)

Might want to try something like the Old Fashioned Chicos that Larry Lynn
sells. They're seconds of the Macanudo ascots, and are quite tasty. A bit
bigger than the miniatures IIANM. Smoked two of them today!

why am i not experiencing the happiness
i am being sold? I love suburban Vancouver BC,
Kenison R., AA
Vancouver Area Cigar Herfing Ensemble
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3 12th June 08:52
father dale
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Default Capsule Cigar Reviews, Oct-Nov 03

You're welcome. I missed a few, I noticed upon re-reading, but I didn't miss
any I really liked. Totally hated the Comacho I had 2 weeks ago. I had to
smoke a cigarette afterwards to get the taste out of my mouth.....

Father (of three) Dale
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