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1 17th June 14:53
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Default TenFortWorth Cigar Bar Just Opened (ashtray cutter mexican cigar cigars)

For all of you Fort Worth, Texas area smokers, a new place just opened
near the old Montgomery Wards building near downtown. TenFortWorth
billed itself before opening as a "Cigar and Martini" bar. I noticed
their website last week said "now open" so I went in this weekend to
check them out. Located at 835 Foch Street, off of 7th, it's in some
newly converted older warehouses that are being redone obviously to
hopefully take advantage of the just redone Wards building lease space
and lofts. I'm pretty sure this area is being looked at as a big profit
area since it's on the outskirts of the cultural district, and is
mostly low rent, rent houses and homes, and old warehouses. Just ripe
for buyouts, knockdowns and rebuilds.

Anyway, the place is nice inside, not real fancy. Space isn't very
wide, but it's deep, goes far back. Long bar top, with two HD LCD's
closer to each ends. The bar area has table and chairs, but past the
bar are several spots with couches, chairs, and coffee table setups.
Looks nice. One small area up at the front window has a couch and
several nice chairs. The obvious feature, when you walk in, is about
halfway back, there is an enclosed room, fairly large, several couches
and tables and chairs, with it's own seperate bar, with glass windows
all around, which is the "smoking lounge".

I asked when I came in and sat at the bar, and was told you could smoke
anywhere, so the lounge is an add on. I got a drink, and was asked
almost as soon as I sat down, if I needed a cutter for the cigar I had
set on the bar. I said no, and I waited a while until I sized up the
crowd. In the meantime, one of the bartenders returned with a single
cigar class ashtray, with a strip of cedar on it. Nice touch I guess,
but a little overdone for my tastes. I ended up lighting my cigar with
two matches when my lighter wiffed out on me when I tried to use it.

The place is really nice, manager was nice enough and quick enough to
change the channel when the Baseball Classic game was over and the
channel started playing one of those "my family is missing and they
found their bodies in the landfill" shows. Had two drinks, $5.25 each
for Tanq and tonic, not bad since the local chop house bar I used to go
to around here usually charged around $8. What made it even better was
the at least six month old VSG Robusto I smoked burned perfect.

For you cigar smokers in the Fort Worth area this place is catering to
cigar smokers. The crowd was younger, especially since this place is
just open. Not to crowded Sat night, but considering it's only been
open a week, the crowd was pretty good around 10:30 when I left. An
added bonus would be the La Familia mexican restaurant next door. Makes
a good eat/drink/smoke combo for an evening out.

I have no affiliation with this place, although I wouldn't be surprised
to learn if several cigar smoking investors I know of are bankrolling
it. I've been looking for another place ever since Blades Chophouse
closed. The last several months it was open I had slowed down going
out, and some of the more favorable employees had already, or were,
leaving. Also nicer is the bigger space, nice digs, and much easier
access than having to park and walk 3-4 blocks downtown. Check it out,
any age should enjoy this place. They have cigars for purchase, but I
didn't ask which, and the only ones I heard mentioned were the usual
Partagas, La Gloria, might even heard Macanudo as well. Customers are
welcome to bring their own smokes.

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