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1 27th May 04:56
christopher smith
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Default Cobs

I have been using corncob pipes lately. I have been experimenting with
different blends. I finally purchased some "good " tobaccos recently. I
had been using drugstore varieties. I will never go back to them. I am
currently using mclleland Bombay Court, Dunhill Nightcap, and a couple
ofhand mixed blends from Boswell's pipes in Pennsylvania. My main
question is, are corncob pipes limiting my smoking experience. They seem
to always smoke cool, and are very inexpensive. I am on a fixed income
and do not have a lot of extra mad money. Are there any good Briar
pipe manufacturers that are inexpensive? Is it ok to use a corncob all
the time? Are All cobs the same? Thanks for the help.
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2 27th May 06:36
des the elder
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Default Cobs


I use cobs for my "work" pipes, mowing the yard, cutting wood, hauling
hay, etc, etc. I even enjoy a cob just sitting and relaxing. My
limited experience with them demonstrates that cobs are adequate pipes
and generally deliver a cool and true to the blend taste.

There are cobs and there are cobs. May I direct you to ,
click around in the General section and read what other smokers do with
cobs. I bought 6 from eBay for about 2 bucks each, Missouri Meerschaum
was the brand and they have been good smoking pipes. I have not priced
cobs in stores as no one in my town has them. My pipe rack will
probably always have some cobs in them.

Anyway, load up your cob and relax, someone who knows a lot more than I
will be along shortly and fill in the blanks I've left.

Des, the Elder.
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3 27th May 06:36
des the elder
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Default Cobs


I almost forgot, may I also direct you to , a
great guy to purchase estate pipes from, he has good clean used pipes
starting at 12 dollars. I have purchased four or five pipes from
Frenchy and each has been cleaned, polished and ready to smoke. He has
all kinds of pipes and I'll bet you a tin of Autumn Evening he'll have a
pipe for you.

Des, the Elder.
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4 27th May 06:36
bert olton
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Default Cobs

Yes. Briars, Clays, meerschaums and other pipes all smoke very
differently than cobs and very differently than than each other. A
single tobacco will taste different in each of the pipe types. What you
might not like in a cob may taste excellent in a meer or a briar.

Are there any good Briar

Yes. If you're any where near an actual pipe shop, check out their
"basket pipes". Some people swear by drug store bought Dr.
Grabows...lots of inexpensive choices out there. Also check out the
"Merchants" link on the ASP home page at: <>

Is it ok to use a corncob all

Yes - though some folks say you can "overwork" even a cob. But for the
most part, they're pretty f****ving of all kinds of abuse, including
smoking one many times a day.

Are All cobs the same?

No. The better cobs have a light somewhat white looking sealer on the
outside which is similar to the gesso artists use to pre treat a
canvass. It's neutral, absorbent stuff which helps close some of the
air passages cob bowls can tend to have. Better cobs also have a wooden
plug in the bottom of the bowl, which takes more tamper/pick abuse and
burn out abuse than a plain cob core bowl bottom. And, last but not
least, better cobs have decent stems instead of those orange plastic
pieces of junk which I tend to bite through in a few days of smoking.


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5 27th May 06:37
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Default Cobs

I don't think they are significantly limiting the actual smoking
experience. They don't build a flavor melange in the same way that
briar does (though they do retain some flavors) and they are certainly
not pretty so that aspect of the smoking experience is kind of
toasted, but they can do an excellent job of burning tobacco.

Boswell has a very fine reputation for both price and smoking
performance, and you've already been doing business with them for tobaccos.

It's a matter of personal choice. I think any "wise" smoker will have
a few cobs around for testing new (and potentially briar-harming) tobaccos.

I've heard there are occasional bad ones. I haven't run into any
myself, and I've only purchased the Missouri Meerschaum brand, I
believe there are a couple other brands out there. They're ugly, and
the bits aren't very comfortable, but they're cheap and they burn

For someone on a fixed and limited income, sticking primarily with
cobs while saving up for some nice briars is one way to go. Many buy
estate pipes off eBay and clean them up; to avoid some of the risk
associated with that without jumping up really high on prices, you
might take a look at Frenchy's.

Hand crafted tobacco pipes:
Garden-inspired home accents:
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6 27th May 06:38
velvet elvis
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Default Cobs

Here's the MM site with all they make. I'm particularly fond of the Country
Gentleman. In my somewhat limited experience, they can't be beat for burly
based blends.
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7 27th May 06:38
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Default Cobs

In article <>, says...

Enjoy your cobs, Christopher. Eventually you can get a good briar. In a
thread following this one, even the legendary briar/morta pipe maker,
Trever Talbert, relates a positive cob experience. I will smoke my
modified MacAurthur today, once I get feeling better.


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8 27th May 08:22
joe bramblett, kd5nrh
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Default Cobs

Keep an eye out at the quick stops, particularly the moderately seedy ones.
I was rather surprised yesterday to find out that the somewhat dilapidated
place I go for loose cig tobacco when the smoke shop is closed carries a
few Missourri Meerschaums in the very back corner behind the WE Garrett
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9 27th May 10:08
External User
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Default Cobs

Walgreens has them.
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10 27th May 14:06
External User
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Default Cobs

just grabbed 28 of them off of ebay for about $2 a piece.

Most are going to be an xmas gift for a friend.

The rest should last me a few years.

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