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1 12th January 20:37
sonam dasara
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Default tobacco trade

I have a tin of McConnell's MADURO (minus a few bowls) and about an
ounce of BOB'S CHOCOLATE FLAKE that I'd like to trade, for - well most
anything interesting, without Latakia.


Sonam Dasara

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2 21st January 01:39
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Default Tobacco Trade

All interested parties, please e-mail me at dmorlan[NO SPAM

I will list ALL that I have to trade, and what I'm chasing after. As
straight and simple as I know how. When I think it's apropos, I'll
put a little notation in brackets.

What I Have:


McCranie's Sweet Savannah (I'm sure it's 8 ounces at least.)
[Original Company package. Very sweet, very tasty, burns great]

4 or so ounces of Glen Piper (Dry)
[Can bite your tongue, very flavorful, low-cased aromatic. Good VA]

1792 Dry Most of a tin I'd guess. (I don't like this stuff too much)
[Too potent]

Pouch worth of Lane's 1Q
[Smooth, run-of-the-mill vanilla-ish aromatic. Can bite tongue]


1 Lb of Middle Earth blend. (AWESOME AROMATIC!) *UNOPENED*
[Compliments galore, will bite a bit if you don't respect it. Good
flavor, but it can get goopy if you smoke it too fast. UNOPENED.]

Cost me $35.00 if memory serves. House blend from

3/4 full pouch of Amphora Red Full Aroma
[Tasty, decent VA, will bite if not careful]


MacBaren's Mixture Mild Scottish Blend (100 G tin) UNOPENED, January
[Never had it, not really a smoker of "mild" tobaccos, and thought
perhaps someone else might appreciate it more than I. This one was
gifted to me by Buddy Springman, and I don't normally just "try"
tobaccos arbitrarily. I won't try this one on a whim.]

1792 Flake (Freshly Opened last night and now in tin, in ziplock)
[Didn't like it at all. Tin aroma put me off, so did the bowl I
smoked. Can't believe it's so popular, but as they say, "To each his

TWO tins of Erinmore Flake. One sounds dry and crumpled as heck. The
other is in one piece, and probably a little dry.
[I don't like Erinmore Flake at all]

MacBaren Dark Twist (2-3 bowls left?) [Gifted to me by Buddy

Fribourg & Treyer Negro Head (mostly full)

MacBaren CLUB BLEND (3-4 bowls left at least, maybe more.) [Gifted to
me by Buddy Springman, I remember liking this blend a LOT]

Rationale: I keep a log of the ones I really enjoy. I'm always out
to try more. Some of you helped me get these blends, and for that I
am very thankful, and want to give others the opportunity (Which I
have). Some pipe tobaccos are worth more to me than others, either in
taste, or dollar value, but I am all for just making a trade, even a
lopsided in your favor. Just because I'm trading these does NOT mean
I don't like them. Below is more or less my "wish list" as it were.

I strongly prefer Tins:

Dunhill Royal Yacht
Dunhill Durbar
Dunhill Mixture 965

Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake
Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader
Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture

If anyone might be interested, I promise prompt shipping at the
conclusion of the agreement based on TRUST. I've done a lot of
personal trades with several people here, and it's always been a
pleasure broadening the experience here.


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