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drblues 17th January 22:05

Who is Lee Von Erck
The other morning someone asked who Lee was. Well let me tell you I
first saw Lee's work back in 97, when he came on the chat channel
#pipes. I was *blown* away. I have been in love with his work since
then. I own 5 of his pipes and will own more. He oil cures his pipes,
unlike the myth of some makers. When you smoke a new LVE you are truly
disappointed that the break-in is over. The taste is amazing. His
craftsmanship is stunning, I think they are some of the most beautiful
pipes I own. They love Va's (I wonder why lol). I have all my
dedicated to Vapers and they are just stunning smokers.
Lee is Americas' most distinguished carver, you can tell one of his
pipes across the room. No one carves a pipe as unique as Lee. Now
before you get your ******* in a twist there are some great American
carvers, I would cut off a testicle to own a Rousch. That is not what
I am talking about. Lee has style that is so far and away his own that
he is completely alone in the field.
He is also adored in Japan. He is quite the gentleman; one I have the
utmost respect for. If you wanna see some of his pipes there is a link
on my home page, I am far to lazy to look it up.

jonathan wolgamuth 17th January 22:05

Who is Lee Von Erck
It came to pass that on 11 Feb 2006, scribed
thusly to all in alt.smokers.pipes the following inspiration:

Lazy ass. ;-)

Jonathan Wolgamuth [jonwolgamuth(at)gmail(dot)com]

"God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts
in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world."
--CS Lewis

drblues 17th January 22:07

Who is Lee Von Erck
parenthetic ain't it?

drblues 17th January 22:08

Who is Lee Von Erck
always check your spell checker
pathetic ain't it?

bigron 17th January 22:09

Who is Lee Von Erck
Lee's pipes are great pieces, meticulously crafted, and thus priced
accordingly. I just saw a more reasonable version of his (and Ed
Andrews) being sold on Pipedo, in the $100-200 range, however. Kind of
like Trevor Talbert is doing with his Ligne Britagne line I would guess.

shel kohn 17th January 22:11

Who is Lee Von Erck
I absolutely concur; I have one, wish I could afford more. I am not
usually a fan of oil curing, and his style is not my usual taste, but
I have yet to have a bad smoke in it, break-in was instantaneous, and
I have never had a mouthpiece that was more comfortable. You won't
meet a nicer guy in the pipe world. I would get another in a flash.

drblues 17th January 22:12

Who is Lee Von Erck
On 11 Feb 2006 13:40:22 -0800, "Bigron" <>

I do not believe that to be the reason. At least that is not what he
told me concerning other lower priced pipes. He does not do a
"seconds" line. Sometimes the pipes are priced the way they are
because that is the way it is. Not too long ago I saw one on his site
for like 170, man if I had the money then I would have owned it. If
you find an LVE in that price range buy it.

ben r. 17th January 22:20

Who is Lee Von Erck
Getting a pipe from Lee's workshop has always been on my must-have
list. Lots of others are too. It's scary what I'd do if I had, say,
$2500 that I had to spend on pipes.

steven fowler 17th January 22:21

Who is Lee Von Erck
I really, really wish I had a vE. I love that honeycomb finish. Most
of his pipes are a tad too long for me. It seems everytime I have the
money to buy a pipe, he's low on shorter pipes. However, I WILL have a
vE someday! Does he take custom orders?


bill remay 17th January 22:26

Who is Lee Von Erck
[I would cut off a testicle to own a Rousch]

Does Rousch accept testicles? I'm old enough that I might as well give
one up in exchange for something useful!

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