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1 6th August 09:21
susan s.
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Default Gradient questions

Interesting questions Pete -
1. I think you are correct - I prefer it this way as it means that you don't accidentally override a default.
2. They have gone. Before you load another gradient set, you need to hit the save button to save the ones that you have created as a new gradient set so that you can reload them at a later date. I think the preset manager can do this too.
3.I've never tried the gradient map with a transparent fill. (It's a tool I use a lot - on greyscale images you can do anything that curves can do with a black/grey/white gradient map, as well as using it for sepia and other duotone/tritone effects)

What an interesting idea......except I can't seem to get it to do anything - the gradient mapping seems to ignore the opacity stops in the gradient and only look at the colour (It would be very easy to create an adjustable luminosity based mask if it did work....what a pity.)
Susan S
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2 6th August 09:21
pete d
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Default Gradient questions


do is click on a gradient, change its parameters, and the create a new
gradient from that gradient. Other than creating a new gradient with the
same name and then deleting the old one, I see no way to edit an existing

In the layers palette Double click on the layer thumbnail for the gradient
in place. Thies will bring up the Gradient Map or Gradient Fill (depending
on which type layer you used).

When either is open click on the color bar and the Gradient Editor will
open. Editing features are there and to change color double click on the
"color stop". The "Opacity Stop" adjustment may be what you are looking
for for your other question.

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3 6th August 09:22
kenneth liffmann
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Default Gradient questions

The following link may be helpful to you:
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