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1 24th July 09:16
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Default MAC, CS2: File server migrationproblem/Missing Link/auto remap behavior.


I'm just leaving a quite "trace" in case someone else get in similar problems and do a search of the forum, it's very technical and i'm also missing some information, so i wont make a special effort to make it easier to understand.

We did a migration of a project from a OSX desktop station used as a server to a real OSX server (same root volume name, exact replication of the folders). Many of links in the indesign do***ents (not all) are missing.

After trying a few things, including inspecting the links in a .inx export, i have discovered that the remapping mecanism (when a link is missing) doesnt work the same depending of the OSX version (maybe related to afp version?) and also depending of the Indesign version used.

One of the case we have is a filepath that is encoded (in the inx file) using a "~sep~" in replacement of "_" (underscore) (do***ented, but very briefly in the inx specs do***entation). It looks like the file was imported from a folder that was named "01_test" by exemple and later renamed "01-test" without doing the update in the indesign files.

On our "old" serveur, the link with such encoded char is resolved without any error/warning (just like "_" would be the same as "-"), but on our new serveur the link are reported as missing. I did the same test using CS3 and the links are reported as missing using the old and new serveur.

The new behavior of CS3 is better as it report adequately the change in filename (containing "-" instead of "_") instead of having a automatic remap (not working the same way accross different version of OSX) and also no commiting the change to the do***ent (the remapping is not stored with the resolved link, the original link with "~sep~" is kept. One last odd behavior is that if we relink one path in a do***ent, all the other links are resolved (on the new server) at do***ent opening.. but if we unmount/remount the volume (restart indesign?), the link are still missing...

I'm missing some information on the expected behavior of indesing missing link automatic correction, also related to afp version (spotlight indexing could be involved??).

Currently i'm doing a log output of all the missing link to have a complete picture of the problem (in case the are other problems not related to the "_" and "-" in path name).

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