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1 29th June 11:34
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Default Stupid WSM Question

Just assembled mine - got here from Amazon/Fedex in perfect shape for $140
(thanks to the heads up in here) and, reading the owner's guide, they suggest,
"To barbecue: arrange the charcoal grate and charcoal chamber on the middle
ledge grill strap. Set aside no-handled cooking grate and water pan. Place
handled cooking grate on very top ledge of strap." Which I did.

Is this an acceptable way to use the WSM - separately - as a conventional Weber
One-Touch kettle? I spoke with their customer service and they said no, the
WSM can't really be used for regular barbecueing, so on the last day of
February, to get the $29 discount, I ordered a One-Touch.

Set up as described above, it looks like it could double as a conventional
One-Touch. Should I cancel the One-Touch?

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2 29th June 11:34
kevin s. wilson
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Default Stupid WSM Question

Very odd that the do***entation says one thing and the customer
service person says another. I'd call back and ask another customer
service person. Seems unlikely that the do***entation would include
those instructions if you couldn't use the unit for grilling. (I
assume that when the do***entation says "barbecue" and you say
"regular barbecuing," you mean grilling.)

There's something to be said for convenience. If you have room for
both units--and don't mind spending the money--it would be handy not
to have to disassemble and reassemble each time you want to grill.

Kevin S. Wilson
Tech Writer at a university somewhere in Idaho
"Who put these fingerprints on my imagination?"
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3 30th June 00:28
External User
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Default Stupid WSM Question

If you can afford both, don't cancel. My experience with Multiples in 1
type stuff, it only does one thing well. The other things it is capable
of doing, it may do, but not well.

My one touch was $80, not allot of money. My WSM was $140. $220 tied
up in 2 pieces of equipment I will use for 20 years or more is peanuts.
Hell, a refrigerator don't last that long.

Happy Q'en,
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4 30th June 00:28
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Default Stupid WSM Question

The WSM works very well as a grill........I do it a fair amount. If you are
grilling for a lot of people, then you may not have enough room. I can grill
3-4 rib-eyes easy, but would not want to do a larger party....I'm cooking
for 2 adults, and 2 growing boys.....
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5 30th June 00:28
dick thompson
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Default Stupid WSM Question

Yes, it can be used as a conventional grill that way.
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