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1 7th August 11:07
patricia d. hill
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Default REQUESTS from Thursday, May 29, 2008

Single cup upside-down pudding
Bread from fresh ground wheat berries
Melting Pot Tropical Salad
California Pizza Kitchen's Crab Cake
Seafood Lasagna


From: IanN <>
Subject: Single cup upside-down pudding

I remember being forced into cooking classes at school. One thing I hazily
recollect was a sponge or steam pudding that was cooked in the microwave
a coffee cup; golden syrup or caramal was in the bottom, so when it was
done, you took it out and turned it upside down and the caramal or syrup
would cover the pudding. Now I've grown up (somewhat) and want to start
cooking, remembered this and figured I'd give it a go but need the recipe.
Can anyone help?

From: Billy <>
Subject: Request

Bread from fresh ground wheat berries and no commercially bought flour.


Subject: Tropical Salad Recipe Request

I went to the Melting Pot and there was a Tropical Salad that was amazing.
This is the only time I actually finished all the salad and enjoyed it!
This is the description on the menu:

Crisp romaine and field greens, fresh tomatoes, mangos and hearts of palm
with a light creamy citrus dressing and a touch of coconut encrusted



Subject: Crab Cakes
From: Diana <>

Crab Cakes
Looking for California Pizza Kitchen's Crab Cake's fabulous.


From: "Steve Smith" <>
Subject: Seafood Lasagna

Looking for a recipe for seafood lasagna with lobster, shrimp, and Crab.
They sell one of these on QVC witch is excellent.

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