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1 20th March 07:37
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Default Cooking buffalo

Ok - every one in the house likes the buffalo burgers, so I tried the
steaks. Tasty but TOUGH! broiled in doors (sorry, just too cold to
fire up
the grilled) about an inch from the element. Brushed with olive oil.

Next time do I marinate the steaks for a few hours/days?


It's never too cold to cook outside!!
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2 20th March 07:38
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Default Cooking buffalo

Buffalo has less fat than beef. So it will tend to be tough.

The best way to get tender meat is to buy it well. Look for extensive
marbling - thin lines of intramuscular fat. If the meat is solid red, it
will be tough. The fat will render as the meat cooks, leaving you with
seperate muscle fibers. It will also provide a nice juicy, slippery
mouthfeel. And it tastes good.

An alternative is to buy muscles that are seldom used in the animal,
specifically tenderloin. This is a flabby muscle that is rarely flexed,
and is therefore more tender than some others, like the thigh muscles
(round) or the shoulder muscles (chuck).

You can look for a happy medium by getting top loin or rib steaks - they
should be well-marbled and not too "ripped".

Taking a tough cut and trying to break down the fibers with marinades
produces mush.

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3 20th March 22:46
morris m. keesan
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Default Cooking buffalo

Make sure you don't overcook. Buffalo has lower fat content, as pointed
out by EskWIRED, so it will get tough faster. Never try for well done,
and even medium may be pushing it. Go for rare or medium rare.
Morris M. Keesan --
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