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1 3rd July 17:51
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Default River Café slow roast pork.

Sacha asked for this so here it be! BTW, Miss Floppy* has published a
remarkably similar recipe. One wonders where she got the inspiration{;-)

River Café Spalla di maiale arrrostita lentamente
For 8-10 people

1. 1 small whole pork shoulder ~2.75 - 3.25kg
2. 10 cloves garlic, peeled
3. 100g fennel seeds
4. Maldon salt and black pepper
5. 5-6 small dried red chillies, crumbled
6. Juice of 5 lemons
7. 3 tbsp olive oil

Oven at 230C (later turned down to 120C)
Score the skin of the shoulder with deep cuts every 5mm or so.
Smash 2 & 3 together and add 4, and 5 to taste.

Rub the mix into the cuts and over all of the meat. Put on a rack in a
roasting tin and roast for 30 minutes until the skin begins to crackle up,
blister and brown. Turn the shoulder over and pour over half the LJ, and
2tbsp of the oil. Turn down the temp to 120C and leave the meat to roast
overnight or all day (8-24 hours). Turn the roast over occasionally and
baste with more lemon juice and, if necessary, a little oil.

It's ready when it is completely soft under the skin. You can tell by
pushing with your finger; the meat will give way and even fall off the bone.
Serve each person with some of the skin and meat from different parts of the
joint. Add extra LJ to deglaze the pan and spoon over.
__________________________________________________ _____________

I tried a version of this with another pork cut (sans skin, unfortunately)
as the smallest shoulder I could get was about 7kg. I also poured off a lot
of the fat before deglazing with white wine instead of more LJ.
It was good but I think the slow oven in the AGA and the use of a whole pork
shoulder would be better. A friend of my sister did it in the Aga and Sis
said it was fantastic.
* = Nigella
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