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1 21st April 04:57
phyllis chamberlain
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Default Convectiom/Microwave Oven Potatoes

Our family just bought a GE Profile convection/ microwave combination
counter-top oven. I myself did not choose this, but I --the grandmother --
do most of the cooking. They bought the oven because the kitchen will be
torn down for a month for a major remodel and we will be getting along with
this oven,a toaster oven, a coffee maker, and a dorm room size refrigerator
for the duration. (I think we'll be eating fast food or going out a lot

Anyway, I've been studying the manual and cookbook that came with this scary
appliance and am upset (1) that convection baked potatoes take as long as
ones in a regular oven and (2) I cannot find frozen French fries mentioned

Can anyone tell me how to do crispy steak fries in a convection oven? I had
thought fish and chips would be a fun first meal, but I guess not.

Has anyone tried a roast chicken in a convection oven?

I mainly use the microwave for reheating leftovers, and occasionally for
cooking winter squash. I have no idea what a core use for a convection oven
would be. Most of my cooking is braising and sautéing on the stovetop, and
making sauces for pasta. Can pasta be boiled in a convection oven? I never
bake, although occasionally my granddaughter makes cookies and cakes and

The warnings in the manual about things one cannot do in the convection oven
seem more emphatic than anything it's good for. Does anyone have any
advice, especially about frozen French fries.

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2 21st April 04:58
steve calvin
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Default Convectiom/Microwave Oven Potatoes

Use the convection only setting just as you would a regular
oven. The only think is that things will cook somewhat quicker.

For chicken, it's the same as an oven unless you want to use
both the microwave and convection together, then it'll be
significantly quicker. Mine has a "chicken" button that
actually does a pretty darn decent job. It'll do two good
sized breast halves in about 20-25 minutes.

For baked potatoes: Mine also has a "potato" button that
uses both micro and convection but honestly I prefer them
done with convection only at the hottest temperature the
oven will do (my GE only goes to 450dF).

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3 21st April 11:52
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Default Convectiom/Microwave Oven Potatoes

Yes- throw them out and make your own- cut spuds into wedges- toss with
a little o.o., garlic, s & p, then bake- much better tasting and better
for you!
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