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1 27th January 02:13
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Default Senf Gurken

I'm cleaning out my garden this weekend; it all went to hell while I was
out of town for a week a couple of weeks ago. Amoungst all the weeds and
dying vines, I've found some big yellow cu***bers. So naturally, I want to
pickle them rather than throw them out.

I've searched on google for a senfgurken recipe, and they are all
different. The only thing common is most call for peeled ripe cu***bers.
Is "senfgurken" just a generic name for any pickle made with ripe yellow
cu***bers, or is it something specific? Are they supposed to be crisp or
fully cooked and soft? Sour, half-sour, or sweet-sour?

I know Eric Decker makes senfgurkens, but iirc his recipe depends mostly on
black pepper for the spice. I love black pepper, but for some reason it
doesn't taste right to me in pickles.

I may peel, seed, and lime the pickles. Cut them into chunks and then
follow Eric's recipe but spice it differently, I dunno. Use mustard and
cinnamon for the main spices.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,
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2 27th January 02:15
wayne boatwright
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Default Senf Gurken

Traditional German Senfgurken
(ripe yellow cu***ber pickles)

Peel and quarter lengthwise the cu***bers. Cut in lengths to suit height
of pint jars, or cut in smaller lengths to fit width of jars. Remove
seeds and pulp, retaining only fleshy portion. In non-reactive pan or
bowl, place layers of cu***ber pieces, sprinkling each layer liberally
with pickling salt. Cover with a cloth and leave overnight.

Next day, remove the cu***ber from the salting and drain, but do NOT
wash. Place cu***ber pieces in one layer in a non-reactive skillet,
cover in 5% white vinegar and boil gently for 5 minutes. Drain cu***bers
thoroughly, but do NOT wash. Place in jars, layering with the following

1-½ teaspoon mustard seed
1 bayleaf
½ teaspoon whole black peppercorns
1 teaspoon dill seed note: a whole fresh dill head may be
½ teaspoon dill weed used in place of the dill seed and dill
2 pieces (each 1/8 medium onion), sliced from root to stem end

Make the following pickling solution:

½ litre white wine vinegar
250 grams granulated sugar

Bring pickling solution to a boil, keep it simmering, and pour over
pickles till covered. Leave ½ inch headspace in pint jars. Lid up the
jars and BWB 15 minutes.

Set pickles aside in a cool dark place for six months to allow flavours
to mature. (It's been reported that these pickles have a shelf life of
seven years!) I can't imagine they would last that long.
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3 27th January 02:15
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Default Senf Gurken

Thanks. This is Eric's recipe, with the addition of dill. I made
something similar, but I spiced it with with dark mustard seed, cinnamon,
and yellow hotdog mustard.

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4 28th January 17:54
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Default Senf Gurken

zxcvbob <snip>

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(i) national requirements (if any) :

EC No: G/DE/562/26.01.94
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5 28th January 17:54
bob pastorio
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Default Senf Gurken

Hey, Mark. What sort of fool are you playing this time? And why?

This is the another non-responsive post where you've snipped the
question and supplied witless nonsense. The subject here is mustard
pickles and that's not what the German horseradish note you posted is about.
<snip typical Preston manure>

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