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1 21st October 21:33
free palestine information agency
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Default FPIA Iraq War Report for New Year's Eve

FPIA Iraq War Reports are the most comprehensive media reports on the
Iraq War available anywhere, listing more attacks than any other media
outlet. Google for these reports at various sites on Net under: Iraqi
Resitance Data Reports. These Data Reports are produced in
collaboration with Muhammad Abu Nasr of the Free Arab Voice website.

December 31

Occupied Iraq

Occupation forces suffered 1 killed and 21 wounded today. In addition,
11 Iraqi civilians were killed and 74 more were wounded. 3 foreign
civilians, 2 US citizens and 1 British citizen, were also wounded. 1
puppet policeman was killed. 13 US soldiers and 8 puppet forces were
wounded today. Centcom reported 13 US soldiers wounded. The media
reported only 8 US soldiers wounded. 26 security incidents were
reported today, all reported in the media. In addition, 1 US citizen
was found dead in Oman.

11:45 AM: A bomb exploded at a Mosul Iraqi Puppet Police Station just
after US troops arrived there. No casualties. Troops defused a 2nd
bomb found nearby.

RPG attack on a train near Habbaniya. The train derailed.

Early afternoon: Car bomb attack on a US patrol on Palestine Street near
Mustansiriyah University in the Al Mustansiriyah District of Baghdad.
One Humvee was flipped upside down by the blast and another Humvee was
totally incinerated. The entire front of a nearby building was ripped
off by the blast. Soldiers at the scene said, "many people were
killed", but later reports said 1 Iraqi was killed. 5 soldiers, 5 ICDC
Puppet Troops and 10 Iraqis were wounded. Troops sealed off the whole
area and banned all photos. Anyone taking pictures of destroyed US
military vehicles in Iraq now gets their camera destroyed. US troops
went building to building in the immediate area and rounded up all young
men, 25-35 in all, for probable detention. Soldiers were also
reportedly going through dorms of the nearby university and pulling out
many young men for detention.

7 PM: Bomb hidden in shrubbery outside a restaurant in the Al-Harithiyah
District of Baghdad went off as a US convoy passed, wounding 3 soldiers
and 3 Iraqis.

7 PM: Operation Iron Grip continued in southern Baghdad. The sound of
bombs and shells exploding continued throughout the night.

8:20 PM: Machine gun attack on an Iraqi Puppet Police patrol in eastern
Kirkuk. 1 puppet killed, 3 wounded.

9:22 PM: Car bomb attack on Nabil restaurant in upscale Arasat District
of Baghdad (near the Karrada District) where a New Years Party was going
on. The blast destroyed the building and left it in flames. 5 were
killed and 35 wounded including foreigners. All of the 5 killed and 32
of the wounded were Iraqis. Gunfire was heard after the blast and US
troops races to the scene. US copters hovered overhead. Several cars
outside the restaurant were wrecked and in flames. Windows were blown
out 200 feet away. Unknown why this restaurant was hit but it is
popular with wealthy Iraqis and Westerners. Perhaps they were trying to
kill Westerners - 3 Westerners were amongst the wounded. 2 American and
1 British citizen were wounded - all LA Times reporters. The
journalists were Tracy Wilkinson, the Rome Bureau chief, Chris Kaul, a
correspondent, and Ann Simmons, another correspondent. Simmons is
British and the other 2 are Americans. A car filled with TNT was used
in the attack. A better rationale for this attack is that the wealthy
Karrada District was attacked because it is full of pro-US wealthy Iraqi
traitor comprador classes.

10 PM: Mortar attack on a US base on the north side of the Baghdad

10:30 PM: Automatic weapons fire heard near the Baghdad Airport.

Explosion in southeast Baghdad. No casualties.

Powerful blast heard in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Battle between guerillas and Romanian troops near Basra.

5000 Arabs and Turkmen marched in Kirkuk to protest Kurdish plans to
annex Kirkuk to a Kurdish-dominated confederacy which the Kurds hope to
carve out of Iraq. Representatives of Shia cleric Sadr were there
representing the Turkmen. Gunfire rang out at this demo when the
protestors approached the collaborationist PUK party headquarters. Each
side blamed the other for firing first. 5 Iraqis were killed and 26
were wounded.

Occupied Afghanistan

3 Afghan mujahedin attacked a US patrol with automatic weapons 12 miles
northeast of Shkin in Paktika Province on the Pakistan border. 3 US
soldiers were wounded and all 3 mujahedin were killed in the ensuing
gunbattle. Later a US helicopter caught up with more mujahedin and
fired at them. The US claims to have killed another 11 mujahedin, but
proof was lacking.

Colonized Oman

An American citizen was found dead in Oman. Previously, a German
citizen was shot dead earlier in December and another Westerner was shot
and seriously wounded. Both attacks were near the British Embassy in
Muscat in the past 2 months. All the deaths are considered mysterious.
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