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1 24th February 01:50
\w. k. mahler\ william k. mahler
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Default how to write a gossip column fast

Think fast, minimize sentences, use words as pertinent facts. Keep any and
all pictures and may creativity justify the elective efforts many times

Seriously, if I left here what I had been working on, I swear this place
would explode, proverbially writing.

In fact, I think, I will.

nuff said

um, no actually

chris morris, meet the edge, the edge of u2, edge meet chris morris, circa
nine**** 78-79 and the song "AH LEAH" in the rotation at
leon ah it goes. got the video thanks to pixy. i wonder what**** donnie78 thinks of that.

atty stern for the non leths side according to the boston globe meet the german newspaper touting queen may do a new soundtrack, yes,
its a thieves world afterall think disney.

and for all you glen cambell fans,

witchita lineman

tarnation the movie at kendall square

it brought christopher muther to tears, the song, of course

arafat for a fact will be replaced and never forgotten so says i and the
photo from the cape cod times online. now i for a fact know you janet and
have not been to palestine.

note to boston globe staff, the wb 56 career search finalists have a
absolute center in alyson holbrook, a out of work college grad.

i think they think the **** art in ****-art question is
solved. it isn't barbara bush, wavey g's daughter, btw, wavey g started the kill bill thread and i've been thanked for the
clinton obscurity piece in rec.arts.movies.current-films
those photos the bush lookalike was first, shortly before the election and
the anna ones were second, appearing, today. no, not our anna nor leonda.

and i'm headed to louisiana with ride to you --living lies-- w. k. mahler

finally, that little boy, well his mom and husband are living i believe in
coral springs texas, a kerry vote winner area. me is thinking seriously
about genetics and keeping my eyes wide open. no dear in headlights here.
dan, you've been to texas. dad, lenas kids are in texas, mom, you havent
been to texas since the seventies, janet and chris.your work in the reality
sci fi department in kansas city....

btw note to amy mac, sandwich mass and sandwhich mass are one in the same.
it also happens to be the dna match -yet to be proven publically fact- twin
brothers winning town election 2004.
i reckon the reason why the twin sis's site has the word sandwhich is
because of the twist of words, which one?

vera lynn, 20's singing sensation and reason for pink floyds the wall song,
meet hillary clinton, hillary, vera, vera hillary.

i wonder if janet morris lookalike danielle steel and whatever janet dailey
look like when placed together.

relax dad, there is safe harbor and forever good endings, even when high
moons over thieves world are just having fun.

note to wig wearers, do not get up from the bushes when walking with big
bills unless your blonde wig is properly placed on your dark brown hair.
note to landscapers, do carry a camera the next time some big smiling blonde
women stops directly in front of you and leave the hedge shearers on the
ladder like i did, no camera that day.
note to self, find out what happened to moms old green pinto, it was
reported lately that blowbacks were the cause of the cars production end.

note to anyone, the big wanted number two in the turbin made a huge remark
to the commander in chief about the freedoms of sweden.
note to pink cadillac drivers, remember, most likely springs**** probably
had or has a double too. thus, this would explain why his very close
is in front of my wifes mother in this photo i have, taken during the
seventies at the barnstable county fair.
note to anyone again, if you so much as look like a young twenty something
janet morris, please send me your photo, i'm sure there is a good reason
why her clothes and her look awhole like somebody en route to a northern
european country along with someone elses huge family.
....and you thought cramming people in vw bugs was fun.
note to good hearted pain in the asp money marketers, do not come looking to
me to make you rich simply cause i didn't look at the betting lines
of the alcs and ws but somehow managed to get all the pertinent stuff
bullseye correct.

...and i'm headed to louisiana with ride to you...--living lies-- w. k.

p. s.. just what does time warner want to do with that 500 million dollar
defense for lawsuit fund anyways?


finally, for anyone that thought gustav mahler was bright enough to plant
seeds in boston circa 1910, yes, you are correct, so says my face in photo.

sincerely and heavenly

william k. mahler
south yarmouth, mass.


and that, dear writers/readers, is how to make a gossip column real fast.
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2 24th February 01:50
news hound
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Default how to write a gossip column fast
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