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1 24th April 21:26
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Default Intelligence work, I love it, it runs in the family....

Many questions to all who read this newsgroup?

J. J. Levin posted the following to soc.culture.jewish.moderated on 23
September 2005:

This is the title of the post,

Here is some of the context of what he posted

So my first question is what is the poster writing about when the
poster refers to "casting oil on troubled waters?" Is that some
kind of metaphor, a parable what does it mean? And since the country I
hold a passport from, the USA has experienced two Hurricanes in the
past Month's time should we drop oil on the hurricanes :-)? And in

What if you don't have any oil? I don't understand what you are
talking about with casting oil on troubled waters. When I think of
casting oil I remember Miriam VonHamel. I really should due her the
honor of remembering her military rank at the time, that was Samel,
Miriam VonHamel of the Hagganah of Israel. This is the story of Miriam
VonHamel as I remember her and Israeli a Jew and a cook (Chef if you
will) that kept us all well.

When I immigrated to Eretz Israel on 28 February 1978 with $1200.00 in
my back pocket and everything I owned in my Marine Corps Sea Bag I was
issued in USMC boot camp in San Diego, USA in 1973 and a backpack, I
palled up with some students in Ben Gurion Airport, Lod, Eretz Israel
and we combined some bucks, paid an Israeli Jewish Ivrit taxi driver
that said he would take us to place where we could have a job, food and
a roof over our heads. Today that place is known as the Munich House.
It's located at Rehov 36 Beni Dan in Tel-Aviv, Eretz Israel, but when
I lived there, there was no Rehov 36 Beni Dan it hadn't been built
yet. But there was a Rehov 32 Beni Dan and that place was known as we
say in Ivirt, "Acsanyah Beni Dan" or as we say in English "The
Beni Dan Youth Hostel." Some people referred to it as The Tel-Aviv
Youth Hostel, but that was a misnomer because there were two Tel-Aviv
Youth Hostels, the one at 32 Beni Dan and the one in Beni Brach. So it
wasn't "The" Tel Aviv Youth Hostel.

Well I'll cut to the chase here because it's getting close to
Shabbat. Miriam was the cook at the hostel and was in charge of
overseeing all the kitchen help. I suppose I should say "we" were
the cooks since we worked side by side and were responsible for making
sure the guests were feed well and since at the time Israeli Television
had announced that a truck load of oranges had been poisoned we made
sure the food we served to the guests (many of who were busloads of
Israeli soldiers) was not contaminated.

Miriam had a scar on her cheek that obviously looked like some kind of
burn, but that didn't stop her from being everything a woman is. One
day out of the clear Tekhelet sky (although I have the legal name of
Tekhelet at that time) Miriam told me the story of how the scar on her
face got there. A "German" and that is the exact word she used,
threw a pan off hot oil that was on the gas stove on her face.

So I ask myself why would you write, "cast oil on troubled waters."
You didn't write "hot oil" though.

So if you happen to have been the German that threw oil on my friend
Miriam VonHammel she's still beautiful even from the suffering you
put her through and if you're not that person and you're really a
Jew I hope you take some time to say Kaddish for a one of our spiritual
mentors, Simon Wiesenthal. The Rocky Mountain Jewish News wrote,
"Simon Wiesenthal dies Brought 1,100 Nazi war criminals to

Also the Munich House that use to be called just the Beni Dan Youth
Hostel, if you have been to the new building at Rehov 36 Beni Dan when
you walk in the front door if you look around a bit you'll see the
names and pictures of all 11 Israeli athletes that were murdered at the
Munich Olympic Games in 1972.

I really hope you area Jew and not the person that threw that oil on
Miriam, because a fool makes enemies but a King makes subjects and if
he is a good King he makes loyal subjects. HaShem made every Jew his
loyal subjects. Some of us believe were judged and rewarded and in
some cases chastised and/or punished by our level of "correct"
observance of the Mitzvoth but no matter what our level of observance
the rules of soc.culture.jewish.moderated will never be able to prove a
Jew born from a Jewish mother is an atheist. And that's what you
people are trying to do with people that don't fit your written
guidelines of what a Jew is, are you very atheist at it. Even if you
take all the blood out of our bodies and put in blood from atheists the
Shemah will still remain on our heart so you have to program our minds
through your rules to be the kind of Jews the atheists want us to be
and that's not all bad, because there are many good, kind decent
atheists that don't deserve to be bullied or subjugated by anyone but
God, so if you're going to play God do it like the Jewish Israeli
Ivirt Tzadeckim that live on Eretz Israel not like the Gentiles that
are trapped there as slaves.

How do I define a Gentile? Any person that hates the Jewish people or
the Torah is a Gentile. Now if you're a Rabbi here is something you
can bring up with your fellow Rabbis. I love the name of God that I
say is Yahweh. But what about a person that hates all names of God but
loves only the name he believes is God as opposed to a person that
loves all names of God. How do you label those people?

The Encyclopedia Judaica Keter Publishing1972, Jerusalem, Eretz Israel,
Hebrew University Edition says that Jehovah is what the Christians call
God and the basic name that most Jews agree is God's name is Yahweh.
That's also what the Catholics teach.

So I were to say the moderators of soc.culture.jewish.moderated are a
group of leftist, communist, socialist, Marxist atheists parading
around as loyal right wing conservatives would I be writing the truth,
since the moderators won't permit the name of any God to appear on

Maybe Rooff isn't an atheist, just like I'm not an atheist and
I'm banned from posting on soc.culture.jewish.moderated. But is God
an atheist? The moderators of soc.culture.jewish.moderated should know
the answer since they think there God?

Shabbat Shalom,
All the best,
Israel Argaman Tekhelet Ben Avraham
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