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Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war <= LOL! Nixon said the same about Vietnam ! - Mombu the Culture Forum
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1 29th March 09:10
\- prof. jonez©\
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Default Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war <= LOL! Nixon said the same about Vietnam !

Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war


As Baghdad reeled from a deadly new spate of bombings, Donald Rumsfeld,
the Defence Secretary, insisted that the US was not losing the war in Iraq. But
the top US regional commander said the insurgency was undiminished, and that
ever more foreign fighters were entering the country.

In sombre and sometimes contentious exchanges with a key Congressional
panel yesterday Rumsfeld rejected demands that the Bush administration set a
timetable for the withdrawal of the 140,000 US troops now deployed in Iraq .

"Timing in war is never predictable, there are never any guarantees," he
told the Senate Armed Services Committee, arguing that a timetable would play
into the hands of the resistance. "Those who say we are losing this war are
wrong. We are not."

Rumsfeld was flanked at the witness table by the Pentagon's most senior
uniformed officials, including General John Abizaid, head of Central Command in
overall charge of operations in the Gulf. Their appearance came as the Bush
administration's Iraq policy faces unprecedented difficulties, amid rising
violence on the ground, growing US casualties and dwindling public support for
the war .

A leaked CIA report has warned that the country is turning into an even
more effective training ground for terrorists than Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

Separately, Pentagon commanders are worried about the growing
sophistication of the bombs and other devices used against US troops. More than
1700 US soldiers have died in Iraq, and more than 10,000 have been wounded,
while hardly a day passes without reports of problems in attracting new recruits
to bolster an overstretched military.

The fiercest questioning came from Democrats, led by Edward Kennedy.
"Isn't it time for you to resign?" asked the Massachusetts Senator, blaming
Rumsfeld for a series of "gross errors and mistakes" that had drawn US forces
into an "intractable quagmire".

The Defence Secretary and his colleagues vehemently rejected the dreaded
'Q-word', so redolent of the lost war in Vietnam. But "more foreign fighters are
coming into Iraq than there were six months ago", General Abizaid conceded,
implicitly contradicting Vice-President **** Cheney's recent assertion that the
insurgency was "in its last throes".

Carl Levin, the ranking Democrat on the committee, seized on the
discrepancy, claiming it as further proof the administration was refusing to
face facts about what was happening.

"I don't know that I would make any comment about that, other than to say
there's a lot of work to be done," was all General Abizaid could say.

"The security situation has got worse rather than better, and the
President has to level with the American people," Joe Biden, the senior Democrat
on the Senate Foreign Relations committee warned. "More jihadists, more al Qaeda
operatives, are crossing the Syrian border into Iraq."

The US could still win in Iraq, he added - "but only if the White House
corrects course, rather than just promising to stay the course".

Biden, who has all but declared he will run for the Presidency in 2008,
was speaking after a meeting with the visiting Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim
al-Jaafari, in the US to hold talks with President Bush. But several leading
Republicans, too, have accused the administration of painting an over-rosy
picture of events in Iraq .

Public disillusion over Iraq has driven Bush's approval ratings down to
little over 40 per cent, the lowest of any second term president since Richard
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2 29th March 19:22
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Default Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war <= LOL! Nixon said the same about Vietnam !

USA did not loose Vietnam war. USA were winning battle after battle, but
stopped the war because of protesters,media, radio and TV. Army did not have
enough support from American people to fight until victory. Right now
Dummycraps compare US soldiers to Soviets so how American soldier can
proudly fight if Dummies are ready to sell its own country just to sit on
the top chair ? **** Dummies and we will win every war.
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3 29th March 19:22
not jewish
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Default Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war <= LOL! Nixon said the same about Vietnam !

The USA was defeated by the Vietnam war.

The USA lost battle after battle against the Viet Cong. So US forces
turned their wrath and anger against civilians, because angry U.S.
forces were defeated. Whenever they killed a vietnamese woman and
child, they claimed that they had killed "VietCong" (as per the
"bodycount" tally in place), and that by killing women and kids, they
had won some "victory." This is not victory, this is cowardice and a war-crime.

The protestors existed because the U.S. was losing the war, and people
didn't want to die in an unwinnable, pointless war that they were losing.

The Army had a lot of support from the U.S. public until the people
realized they were being lied to and that they were losing and dying
for nothing. Today, people realize that they are dying in Iraq, for

People do not want to die for ZioNazi (Israel) interests. Iraq and
Afghanistan wars are ZioNazi wars.

The comparison is accurate.

They can not proudly fight when they are committing all sorts of
attrocities, and dying for Israel.

You Jews have sold the USA to Israel.

You have been defeated.
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4 29th March 19:23
chip anderson
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Default Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war <= LOL! Nixon said the same about Vietnam !


That's hardly what history shows. The dominoes did not fall but the U.S.S.R. did.

I don't know where you get your information from but it must be an
alternate history novel as it doesn't square with the facts.

After Tet Offensive, the Viet Cong were broken. The news media, however,
broadcast it as a loss for the South before the assessment had even begun.

They were not losing and dying for nothing. Communist agitators in the
U.S. did a tremendous job in the Universities selling it as "the Man's"
war. Even today, Hanoi freely admits this was the only thing allowing then
to hang on.

You are a dupe.

Truly bizzare.

More bizarre sentiment.

I don't think Israel has sufficient funds.

Not yet we haven't, Ted Kennedy and his ilk notwithstanding.


"Oderint dum metuant."
- Lucius Accius
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5 29th March 19:23
not jewish
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Default Rumsfeld claims US not losing Iraq war <= LOL! Nixon said the same about Vietnam !

The USSR was defeated by Afghanistan, not by Vietnam.

That would be where you get your nonsense from.

Which of course explains why you lost, eh?

The TET offensive was the beginning of the end for the U.S.

They certainly were, that's why they were protesting.

Most of the guys who fragged their officers didn't have a University background.

Hanoi wants to make money off of the U.S.

I think the Viet Cong guy who fought for a few days with his guts
hanging out of his side probably has more relevant info.

You're the dupe. But I guess you can afford that luxury because its
others who are doing the dying for Israel. You obviously won't go over there, chickenhawk.

Your denial certainly has been bizarre.

Wanting to die for Israel is definitely a bizarre sentiment.

They clearly didn't need much money.

The U.S. junta is already attempting to negotiate. The best way to stop
the conflict is to remove its raison d'etre. The US occupation is the
raison d'etre for the resistance.

Kennedy's none of my concern. Just give back the Iraqis their country.

And stop killing their men, women and kids.
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