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1 4th September 16:43
otis willie
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Default Russia to step up defence aid to Afghanistan

Russia to step up defence aid to Afghanistan

(EXCERPT) By Vladimir Radyuhin

MOSCOW JULY 11. Russia will expand deliveries of military equipment
and spare parts to Afghanistan, but will refrain for the moment from
supplying new weapons.

In addition to transport aircraft, helicopters, communication
equipment, trucks, spare parts and fuel, Russia is planning to supply
airfield equipment to Afghanistan, the Russian Defence Minister,
Sergei Ivanov, said today after talks with the visiting Defence
Minister of Afghanistan, Mohammad Fahim.

He also said Russia was training military personnel for Afghanistan.
At the same time, Mr. Ivanov said Russian defence assistance to
Afghanistan would not include deliveries of weapons.

Gen. Fahim is reported to have asked Moscow to replenish stocks of
Russian-made weapons, which constitute close to 100 per cent of the
Afghan defence inventory. However, Mr. Ivanov said after the talks
that "there is no talk of arms supplies.''

On the one hand, Russia is keen to help rebuild the Afghan armed
forces to enable them to...

U.S. and friendly nation laws prohibit fully reproducing
copyrighted material. In abidance with our laws this report
cannot be provided in its entirety. However, you can read it
in full today, 12 Jul 2003, at the following URL. (COMBINE
the following lines into your web browser.) The
subject/content of this report is not necessarily the
viewpoint of the distributing Library. This report is provided
for your information and discussion.

Otis Willie
Associate Librarian
The American War Library
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